Phila. Teachers on Capitol Steps, Wash., D.C.,...

Phila. Teachers on Capitol Steps, Wash., D.C., 5/13/11 (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)


 Is there a permanent solution to school shootings? Yes! Close them all down. Put the buildings and equipment on the auction block. After all, they are nothing but mandatory govrnment propaganda camps anyway. You can teach a motivated child the basics of reading, writing and mathematics in 1,000 hours. What the hell are they doing there for 13 years? (And they still can’t read, write or solve basic mathematical problems.) — jtl, 419

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 16, 2012

The first thing I did after hearing about the slaughter of innocents in Newtown was to pick up my phone and send a text to my daughter, Abby, the mother of my only grandchild.

“If u ever put Reese in a government school I will disown you…she is far too precious to turn over to someone else to train.”

Have parents lost their minds? What will it take before they get their kids out of the government hell-hole?

How about Christian parents for God’s sake!! How could a Christian ever put his/her child in a secular-training center? The media wants to blame guns, but no one wants to blame the schools. Let me paint a picture.

Imagine that the Lord gave you a precious son and at 5 years old you made the decision to send him off to a public “school” where he will spend the next 13 years of his life. In this school they are taught lots of things.

They teach him that man came from apes and that life has no real meaning.
They teach him that the mention of God was illegal.
They teach him that there are many types of families and that they were all healthy.
They teach him that he was to accept all types of behaviors as normal.
They teach him not to judge other’s because there is no such thing as right and wrong.
They teach him that every type of behavior was normal but some needed “protection.”

What if they told you your precious son was going to be included in a classroom with 20 other students, collected from around your community. Your son would spend 7 hours a day hanging out with these children yet:

You knew very little about any of the other children.
You didn’t know what kind of home life they came from.
You didn’t know if any of them were on any types of “medication.”
You knew nothing about the “behavior issues” some were dealing with.
You knew nothing about what they did in their spare time.
You knew nothing about their moral compass.

While they were at the school you felt confident leaving them with the “teachers” even though:

You knew very little about the teachers’ personal beliefs.
You knew very little about the teachers’ personal lifestyle.
You knew very little about the personal stress the teacher was under.
You knew very little about what was actually being taught.
You knew very little about the condition of “others” in the teachers’ life.
You knew very little about what the teacher viewed in his/her private time.

Imagine that:

Everyone in town knew where there were a bunch of little kids.
No weapons were on sight to protect them from an intruder and everyone knew it.
You forfeited your parental rights when the child walked into the school door.
Educational “experts” were permitted to do psychological studies on your child.
Non-medical experts were permitted to recommend “medication” to control behavior.
A child’s expression of religious beliefs was discouraged, and deviancy was accepted.

I thought of many things when I heard the news.

I thought of the thousands of pre-born children who died daily in this land.

I thought of the millions of born-children who daily were spiritually dying from the secular-poison being fed to them.

I thought of the heartbreak of millions of parents weeping over “lost” teenagers and wondering what had happened to them.

I thought of the billions of dollars being poured down the secular rat-hole teaching a philosophy to children that was totally based on lies.

I thought of the thousands of pastors who will spend Sunday morning encouraging their flock to “pray for the schools” instead of blowing a trumpet of retreat from the secular hell where they teach doctrines of demons to God’s precious little souls.


I thought of the parents who used the schools as a babysitting service while they chased after the American dream with a life full of more “stuff.”

I thought about my granddaughter. I thought about my Lord. I thought about our Spiritual blindness.

I thought of the grief of those parents in Connecticut. I wonder if they knew yesterday what they knew today if they would send them back through those doors.

You know. We all know. It is time we faced it.

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” -Teddy Roosevelt.

Guns don’t kill people. Amoral-education does.

Have we lost our stinkin’ minds?

© 2012 Dave Daubenmire – All Rights Reserved

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  1. Derek says:

    Someone is responsible for the children’s well-being.

    If you say the parents are responsible, that’s a contradiction, as they left their children with someone else. How could they be responsible if they are not there?

    If you say the teachers and administrators are responsible for the children while they are at school, that’s a contradiction too, as clearly they were not. There was no physical protection from two-legged predators at this school.

    Since school teachers have been through a rigid system of training that in good Kantian manner denies cause and effect, they have the tendency of not having a good grasp on reality. Reality is that humans do have predators, and they usually are other humans. Creating gun-free zones is irrationally moronic, as it sets up this type of massacre. By definition, there can be no massacre without a bunch of defenseless victims. That’s simple reason.

    But reason and responsibility are not taught in the compulsory education system, which is why Americans should leave it in droves. Most parents will not, because they went through the same system and they are unwilling or unable to face their own competence issues and learn themselves what they need to teach their children. So being taught not to use reason and not to be responsible in their 15,000 + hours of “schooling”, they sacrifice their children to their God, the state. After all, they want their kids to grow up to be just like them.

    So the humans “input” (5 senses) during their formative years continues to be a regiment of mass media promoting corporate and governmental interests, the memorization of mostly erroneous material, and repetitive authoritarian training. Their processors (brains) have no firewall, no virus or spam protection and so the “outputs” (words, thoughts and actions) tends to bring dissatisfaction in life. Too often this creates more irrational aggression aimed at their fellow humans in the form of new “laws” to obey or additional “taxes” to pay. The abused cling to the abuser while begging for it to “do something” about it, as they are incompetent to do so themselves.

    In Liberty,


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