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Immigration and Freedom

Anytime the idea of a stateless society is suggested, one of the first howls to go up is “Oh, but who would protect the borders?” The correct answer is, “Nobody, you moron. There would be no borders except for private … Continue reading

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Comrade, Whilst Thou Return To Thy Motherland?

Years ago I knew an old cowboy-rancher that had emigrated to Mexico and was always bitching about it. He called it the “land of blanketed thieves, hooded whores and sandal wearing sons-a-bitches.” But then when you asked him, “John, when … Continue reading

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by Claire Wolfe via Living Freedom I’ve been trying to return to Saturday’s theme. My aim: to celebrate a few great, inspirational reasons not to be afraid — to be hopeful.   I intended to write about how “these are … Continue reading

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Bar Girls and why Not: Chapter Two of How to Marry a Third-World Woman and Live Happily Ever After, Somewhre Else

 by Fred Reed via Fred on Everyghing When I posted the first chapter of the book of this title that I never finished writiing, response was heavy with requests for further chapters. OK, here are one. Bar girls are a … Continue reading

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America’s Role in a Darkening Age

“Without universal values in our foreign policy, we have no identity as a nation — and that is the only way we can lead with moral legitimacy in an increasingly disordered world.” But, but, I thouht they hated us because … Continue reading

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Why is it a “Crime” to Disarm a Uniformed Aggressor?

by William N. Grigg via Pro Libertate No, they’re not ETs; they’re JBTs: El Paso County SWAT operators play-act a big drug bust. Sheriff Terry Maketa of Colorado’s El Paso County has promised his constituents that he “will actively oppose … Continue reading

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Schools as Black-Holes

Malcolm Sharp…was also a master of the Socratic method of learning. Toward the end of my “career” as a parasite living on the backs of the hapless taxpayer of the Lone Star Republic, I mentioned to some of my fellow … Continue reading

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Police barred from Vermont gun range over proposed semi-automatic rifle ban

Check out the Scout Rifle concept applied to the AK-47. Neat. — jtl, 419 By Molly Line via Faux News The battle over the right to bear arms is flaring in Vermont, where a local gun range has moved to prohibit … Continue reading

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Police Corruption Out Of Control: Threatens Personal Information

by Bill Rounds Esq. via How to Vanish The San Diego Police Department has finally done it! They get their shot at having the highest incarceration rate in the world. But not among the residents of San Diego, among the … Continue reading

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Women Serving in Combat Positions Is a Batty Idea

Operation Desert Storm was my first experience with women in a combat zone but NOT in a combat role (MOS). Based on that experience, I totally agree with Giles. And it has nothing to do with the women themselves or … Continue reading

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