Popular Parallels Between Hitler And Obama Are Wrong…But Obama Is Still A Tyrannical Narcissist

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV Editor, Gary Gibson]

We were wrong about Obama and Hitler. At least many of us Obama-bashers were this morning in one very important respect.

Now, we know that Obama is a gun-grabbing, bloodthirsty narcissist who thrives on a cult of personality. But he differs from the mustachioed embodiment of evil in one very important regard: Hitler never banned guns.

So this meme which has been burning its way around Facebook…

…is cute, but wrong.

Hitler didn’t ban guns while surrounded by children for the same reason your editor didn’t dance the night away with Gwyneth Paltrow while surrounded by children. Neither event ever happened. Hitler didn’t ban guns at all. In fact, Hitler and his buddies made it easier for properly white Germans to own guns after he came to power. But in doing so, Hitler effectively created a very targeted gun ban, because Jews still couldn’t own guns. (You don’t let the people you plan to abuse and kill own weapons if you can help it. Just ask any antebellum plantation-owner.) The Jews were left conspicuously unallowed to own guns. They were also relieved of their citizenship, possessions, freedom, and ability to keep breathing.

A friend sent me this video below by a fine young man who gives a brief explanation.

Here is an excerpt from Gun Control in Germany: 1928-1945 by William L. Pierce:


It is not just that the National Socialist firearms legislation was the opposite of what it has been claimed to have been by persons who want to tar modern gun-grabbers with the “Nazi” brush: the whole spirit of Hitler’s government was starkly different from its portrayal by America’s mass media. The facts, in brief, are these:

  • The National Socialist government of Germany, unlike the government in Washington today, did not fear its citizens. Adolf Hitler was the most popular leader Germany has ever had. Unlike American presidents, he did not have to wear body armor and have shields of bulletproof glass in front of him whenever he spoke in public. At public celebrations he rode standing in an open car as it moved slowly through cheering crowds. Communists made several attempts to assassinate him, and his government stamped down hard on communism, virtually wiping it out in Germany. Between upright, law-abiding German citizens and Adolf Hitler, however, there was a real love affair, with mutual trust and respect.
  • The spirit of National Socialism was one of manliness, and individual self-defense and self- reliance were central to the National Socialist view of the way a citizen should behave. The notion of banning firearms ownership was utterly alien to National Socialism. In the German universities, where National Socialism gained its earliest footholds and which later became its strongest bastions, dueling was an accepted practice. Although the liberal-Jewish governments in Germany after the First World War attempted to ban dueling, it persisted illegally until it was again legalized by the National Socialists. Fencing, target shooting, and other martial arts were immensely popular in Germany, and the National Socialists encouraged young Germans to become proficient in these activities, believing that they were important for the development of a man’s character.
  • Gun registration and licensing (for long guns as well as for handguns) were legislated by an anti-National Socialist government in Germany in 1928, five years before the National Socialists gained power. Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Five years later his government got around to rewriting the gun law enacted a decade earlier by his predecessors, substantially amel ior a ting it in the process (for example, long guns were exempted from the requirement for a purchase permit; the legal age for gun ownership was lowered from 20 to 18 years; the period of validity of a permit to carry weapons was extended from one to three years; and provisions restricting the amount of ammunition or the number of firearms an individual could own were dropped). Hitler’s government may be criticized for leaving certain restrictions and licensing requirements in the law, but the National Socialists had no intention of preventing law-abiding Germans from keeping or bearing arms. Again, the firearms law enacted by Hitler’s government enhanced the rights of Germans to keep and bear arms; no new restrictions were added, and many pre-existing restrictions were relaxed or eliminated.
  • At the end of the Second World War, American GIs in the occupying force were astounded to discover how many German civilians owned private firearms. Tens of thousands of pistols looted from German homes by GIs were brought back to the United States after the war. In 1945 General Eisenhower ordered all privately owned firearms in the American occupation zone of Germany confiscated, and Germans were required to hand in their shotguns and rifles as well as any handguns which had not already been stolen. In the Soviet occupation zone German civilians were summarily shot if they were found in possession of even a single cartridge.

So glad we got that cleared up. Obama is not paralleling Hitler. Hitler was a fascist and Obama is definitley much more on the commie aisle of statism. History, as we all know, is not very good at repeating itself exactly, much like animals who use sexual reproduction. You may be able to tease out common traits with what’s come before, just don’t expect Obama to wipe out any domestic ethnic minorities, round up the intellectuals into death camps, or invade Poland. But do expect him to do some serious politicking against individual liberty as he combines some of the most odious elements of FDR, however, like a New Dealer on methamphetamines. This is a man who has no doubt about the need for government to Do Something about everything, and who has no doubt that he is history’s man for the job.

“The world has changed and it’s demanding action,” piped up Joe Biden — Obama’s own Flava Flav. Gun rights advocates should have known all along that someday, some psychoactive drug-addled misfit was going to gun down a bunch of children and give the US government an excuse to start chopping away at gun ownership rights. They should have known that whatever politician was heading the crop of crooks in DC would mouth these very words: “This is our first task as a society: keeping our children safe.” Which is what Obama said at the beginning of his speech today as he was surrounded by families of the victims of the Newtown shooting.

We know this comparison has been beaten into the ground, but it bears repeating: What would Obama, Biden and all the monkey-sheep who love them say had a madman simply driven his car onto the school playground and run over a couple dozen kids?

What am I thinking? The answer is obvious. They’d probably want to ban handguns!

Here the rails to soft, comfortable totalitarianism are once again being greased by rhetoric about “protecting the children”, much like the government’s attempts to control the flow of information on the Internet by claiming the aim is to stop child pornography. So, if you oppose “sensible limits” on gun ownership then you support child pornographers. Or something like that. It’s government logic — the same logic that would seek a gun ban if Lanza had run over those Newtown children with his car — and it’s hard for morally correct and sensible people to follow.

“My starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works,” said Obama on Monday, “what should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe and that we’re reducing the incidents of gun violence.”

Did you catch it, good reader? How gun violence just got tacked on to the part about keeping kids safe? It’s quite the jump. After all, children are rarely hurt by guns in the US or anywhere. They are more often hurt and even killed by their own parents and guardians who often use their bare hands. And what Obama is calling for, and what his supporters really want, is not a ban on guns. It’s just to make sure that the guns are in the hands of the state, which also has all the planes and drones that blow up several innocent children every few days.

People call Obama a hypocrite, but he’s been pretty consistent on this: he wants to keep American kids safe. Kids in the countries he wants to drone bomb can go to Hell. If you’re going to call Obama a hyprocrite on anything, you could do what the NRA has. The NRA has pointed out in a “controversial” ad that the president thinks armed guards at schools make complete sense IF it’s the school where his own precious daughters are. Armed guards at commoner schools? Ha! Don’t make your elitist hyprocrite political masters laugh!

I will admit, however, that it does seem awfully suspicious that the state is attacking gun ownership at the same time they’re stocking up on enough armor-piercing rounds to turn every man, woman and child in the country into Swiss cheese.

“I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as president,” says The Man Himself. Obama gets it. Congress has all along been a smokescreen to make the American people actually believe that they have some say in the political process, that their president really wasn’t supposed to act like a monarch and that their little government wasn’t supposed to grow into an imperial one.

Now to be clear. I’m not saying Obama is going to be next mutant offspring of a Stalin-Hitler-Mao-Pot fourway. But something awful is indeed shaping up. Maybe Obama is just prepping the stage for the nutcase fascist general who will ride in on a tank to assume the mantle of Caesar. Maybe that Caesar will be the sort of ruler who isn’t afraid to get his hands good and red with the blood of resisting patriots. Or maybe it will be Obama himself. Who knows for sure? Either way, the time is running short to embark on the eminently sensible task of preparing for a possibly permanent exit…


Editor, The Dollar Vigilantepic

Gary Gibson is an editor and contributor at The Dollar Vigilante. He joins the team after four years as managing editor of the similarly-themed Whiskey & Gunpowder newsletter. After years of fighting his way out of the Matrix, Gary has made the leap out of the US to join the TDV team in Acapulco.

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5 Responses to Popular Parallels Between Hitler And Obama Are Wrong…But Obama Is Still A Tyrannical Narcissist

  1. Morris Hart says:

    An interesting and informative article, yet you surprised me in one spot: You say: “(You don’t let the people you plan to abuse and kill own weapons if you can help it. Just ask any antebellum plantation-owner.)” What slave owner who has an enormous investment in any live working stock, human or not, would abuse or kill them? Perhaps you referred to the peculiar institution, itself, as an abuse, but why kill?


    • I agree, the statement would be a lot more accurate with the words “and kill” removed. Also, “abuse” is marginal. There are indeed jerks out there who, usually in a fit of rage, beat their dogs and horses and even their vehicles but that doesn’t mean such “abuse” of property makes good economic sense.

      Of course, that is not to, in any way, defend slavery. After all, old “dishonest Abe” freed the slaves (not really) and enslaved the freemen (really). Tell me, what is the difference in a socety where half the people are slaves and a society where all of the people are half-slaves? You still have 50% slavery.


  2. The MAD Jewess says:

    Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 (Translated to English)

    Classified guns for “sporting purposes”.
    All citizens who wished to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and have a background check.
    Presumed German citizens were hostile and thereby exempted Nazis from the gun control law.
    Gave Nazis unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could, or could not be owned by private persons.
    The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by bureaucrats.
    Juveniles under 18 years could not buy firearms and ammunition.
    The object is not how right you can be in a fight, the object is to shame and humiliate your opponent.
    It is a fact that ‘liberals’ HATE to be referred to as Nazis–especially Jews.


  3. Pingback: Obama’s Speeches Chilling… “Trust it. It is telling you: “Something is dreadfully wrong.” If you could look BEHIND those blank stares, I feel certain to you would see something else, too. Raw fear. It’s the sane part of the human mind

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