A devastating result of sequestration

by Franklin Sanders via Daily Comentary at The Moneychanger

I am so thankful that we own the best congress money can buy. Well, somebody owns it. But one alert Congress-thing, Maxine Waters of California, alerted the entire country with a devastating result of sequestration. She warned that 170 MILLION jobs could be lost to sequestration.

English: Maxine Waters (D-CA), Member of the U...
Maxine Waters (D-CA), Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

This is terrifying, especially when you learn that only 134 million people are working in the US. Sequester will be so catastrophic that they will have to hire 40 million people and then FIRE them to meet her projected job loss.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

By the way, have y’all been having trouble understanding what sequestration is? Bernard Obama is threatening to lay of millions & maybe even open the prisons (I made that up. He hasn’t said that yet, but give him 48 hours), but what’s it really all about?

Reducing federal government spending by an across the board 2% (two percent). It doesn’t actually reduce government spending. After adjusting for inflation and exempting defense & other spending, the CBO estimates that even with sequestration, spending will increase by $110 billion over the next 10 years that sequestration will supposedly cut $850 billion.

Meanwhile, Ben the Beneficent is PRINTING $85 billion a month, while these folks are arguing & threatening to shut down the Yankee government over cutting $85 billion A YEAR.

Y’all, we beat the Italians to it. We have nothing but comedians in office already.  Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger


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2 Responses to A devastating result of sequestration

  1. Kendall says:

    It is always interesting when fact trumps political theater!


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