I Am A Terrorist

[Editors Note: The following post is by TDV legal correspondent, Jim Karger. ]

I have never thought of myself as a terrorist.

Until now.

But, according to the USSA, based on my stated beliefs, I might just be dangerous, or at least someone to keep an eye on.


Because I consider myself a sovereign citizen, which means nothing more than I have never consented to being ruled by others, whether it be other individuals or by a gang of individuals calling themselves a “government.” I have never assented to relinquish my individual liberties at the altar of democracy, a variant of communism where a majority is deemed right even when they are wrong.

Moreover, I never intend to do so.

Other beliefs that may result in my being designated a terrorist, according to government, include the following:

  • I don’t like paying taxes. Indeed, I believe the income tax is unconstitutional and that most of the proceeds in the case of the United States goes to fund unjust wars and genocide, making them not only illegal but morally reprehensible. I pay taxes as do other sovereign individuals not because I believe there is any honor or right thing in doing so, but because I am aware that government will put me in a cage if I do not do so.

  • I believe gold is better than paper backed by nothing but the promise of a corrupt, bankrupt government, in which neither I, nor most who call themselves US citizens, believe is acting in our individual best interests.
  • I reject Keynesian economics as nothing more than a Pollyanna-ish justification for abdicating financial responsibility, individually and collectively.
  • I am not impressed with costumes and badges or the people who wear them. I believe most cops are undereducated thugs with too much testosterone who exist to maintain the power structure as it is. When the power structure is threatened, they are Johnny-on-the-spot with their batons, tear gas, guns, tasers, and now armed personnel carriers and even tanks. Drones are next, but that is another story I will save for later.

  • I do not support aggression, but I do support self-defense. As an individual who neither aggresses against others, nor will tolerate being aggressed against, I have found the police, when not intrusive, to be useless. Indeed, unless they are busting heads to keeping various minorities from wresting control from their masters or even exercising their rights, cops are note-takers. They show up after a crime is committed, write in their notebooks, and based on the results, they must smoke their notes because no one ever hears from them again.
  • Because I see the police and military for what they are, I believe vigilantism is a far more effective way of separating the bad from the good. And, to that end it is not surprising that vigilantism is on the rise. After investigating a gang-rape for more than a year, and the after the victim committed suicide from the shame of having her own rape videotaped and put up on the Internet, the Royal Canadian Mounted Fools still could not find their own asses with a set of elk horns, much less the rapists who were hiding in plain sight. It took Anonymous all of 48 hours to identify the culprits, and only after the threat of releasing their identities into the public domain did the Canadian government at various levels decide to have another look at this tragic case instead of finding a way not to do it.

  • I believe the press is nothing more than the disinformation arm of government. Its purpose is to convince the general public that their votes matter. They don’t. The left-right paradigm is deceptive and the worst kind of fiction, the kind people believe and act upon. No better example exists than George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. They are the same person with the same beliefs and the same policies. They are both self-interested, self-important minions of those in control. For power and money they have trashed the Bill of Rights, fomented war, destroyed what was left of the free market, catered to the über-wealthy and their banks, thrown bones to the poor and the working, and have dutifully preserved the status quo. Yet, even in the face of their abject in-your-face sameness, the press has been successful in moderating the pathetic pseudo-confrontation between right and left. The only real difference between right and left is how they offer up socialism – via a fascistic or communistic bent.
  • I support real activists, people like Matthew Duran, Katherine Olejnik, and Matthew Pfeiffer who found out the hard way just how ruthless government can be after refusing to answer questions before a grand jury about the political opinions and affiliations of their friends who participated in Seattle’s May Day protests. They refused to participate in the Constitutional gang-fuck where federal agents sought “anti-government or anarchist literature or material,” blatantly attempting to criminalize political opinions and deter others from having an opinion outside the confines of government-approved group-think. They were imprisoned and placed into solitary confinement, itself considered torture by many experts on the subject. Olejnik went to prison because, in her words, “I truly believe that people have the right to believe whatever they want politically. And it’s none of the government’s business.” I believe that, too.

  • I believe Julian Assange should be given the Medal of Freedom if such a thing exists. He has done more for transparency than a generation of flag-suckers who have come before him, rank and pathetic apologists for Uncle Sam’s version of the Stasi. The fact that some in the political moron-a-thon that is the United States Congress have called for his assassination only furthers my resolve that Assange must go free.
  • I believe at a cellular level that speech should not be regulated even while government continues to cracks down on legal protests with laws specifically allowing it to do so, to include the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which basically declares it illegal to trespass, i.e., protest, anywhere the President or Vice President happen to be, even temporarily. It is not surprising that it was Nixon, a despot and criminal, was the first to propose and be granted such “protection.” Nearly every President since has expanded its reach.
  • Finally, I object to government’s efforts to sterilize the younger generations of any connection to the Constitution and the concept of rights beyond those granted by government. By way of example, in Jacksonville, Florida, fourth grade students were recently lectured on the evils of the Second Amendment and required to write “I am willing to give up some of my Constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

As to how the USSA wants to deal with we “terrorists,” that also is clear. With the NDAA, “Obama has exponentially broadened the attack on democratic rights by declaring his “right” to assassinate anyone, anywhere, that he deems to be a “terrorist,” conveniently leaving that term undefined. In other words, if we become too effective, he will just have us killed. The end.

And, before getting too comfortable in your own self-imposed anonymity, know that we dissidents are not the only ones in the crosshairs. The Department of Homeland Security, which legislatively has no war mission inside the borders of the United States, recently purchased 3,000 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) armored personnel carriers, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (with associated weapons), and other weapons systems. And no one should be surprised. Candidate Obama told us all in 2008 that “we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded [as the United States military].” In short, they are ready and willing to go to war against us and kill all of us if that is what it takes.

The fact I believe these things sincerely may make me a “terrorist” in the eyes of the United States government.

If so, I am proud of the designation.

Res ipsa loquitur.

[P.S. All the rest of you “terrorists” may want to get a lot more serious about your plans to get out of the USSA before Obama and his cronies start dealing with you as they have planned. If you subscribe to the TDV Newsletter, TDV Concierges like me will be available to help you scope out the different parts of the world we call home and help get you relocated to somewhere that strikes your fancy. You can sign up for the newsletter here.]

Jim Karger is a lawyer and Dollar Vigilante legal correspondent, and frequent contributor to The Dollar Vigilante, who has represented American businesses against incursions by government and labor unions for 30 years. In 2001, he left Dallas and moved to San Miguel de Allende in the high desert of central Mexico where he sought and found a freer and simpler life for him and his wife, Kelly, and their 10 dogs. He is TDV’s San Miguel de Allende concierge and his website is found at www.crediblyconnect.com.

Just so it’s very clear: Jim submitted this article a few hours before the Boston Marathon bombing. It occurred to us that the timing of an article titled “I Am a Terrorist” published within 24 hours of what looks to be a terrorist act might raise an eyebrow or two.

But this is TDV where horses are regularly damned. So we decided to run Jim’s brilliant article despite yesterday’s violence, and follow it up with this here brief editorial.

While ANY initiation of violence truly breaks our hearts, we can’t help but think that this act of violence in Boston could easily lead to escalating government action against “domestic terrorists”, which would include Sovereign Citizens, people who believe in the Constitution, people who trust gold and silver instead of fiat currency, people who hate taxes, and out and out anarchists like the mouthy wonks who people TDV.

I wonder how spot on Jim realized he was, because the Boston bombing may be the watershed event that allows Obama to start labeling various Americans as “terrorists” and dealing with them with the extreme measures he promised he would. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the government tried to pin this on the anti-tax, pro-gun, anti-state crowd. Yesterday could turn out to be a milestone on the road to dissident round-ups. If you are planning to get out of the US before it’s too late, time may be running out.


Gary Gibson Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

About Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.

Land and Livestock International, Inc. is a leading agribusiness management firm providing a complete line of services to the range livestock industry. We believe that private property is the foundation of America. Private property and free markets go hand in hand—without property there is no freedom. We also believe that free markets, not government intervention, hold the key to natural resource conservation and environmental preservation. No government bureaucrat can (or will) understand and treat the land with as much respect as its owner. The bureaucrat simply does not have the same motives as does the owner of a capital interest in the property. Our specialty is the working livestock ranch simply because there are so many very good reasons for owning such a property. We provide educational, management and consulting services with a focus on ecologically and financially sustainable land management that will enhance natural processes (water and mineral cycles, energy flow and community dynamics) while enhancing profits and steadily building wealth.
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4 Responses to I Am A Terrorist

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  2. Wayne Leach says:

    The Maine Criminal Justice Academy is teaching how to identify the dangerous sovereign citizens! Here is a sample: Remind the group that Sovereign Citizens is one of the MCJA mandatory training topics for calendar year 2012. The material covered will be addressed towards the patrol officer who will probably be the first individual of authority to make contact with a member of the Sovereign Citizen movement. The basic belief of the Sovereign Citizen is that our government is ‘illegal’ and they will not respect or adhere to any laws or authority figures, specifically law enforcement officers, judges, taxing agencies, and politically elected officials. The Sovereign Citizens see these individuals as mere agents of a fraudulent and oppressive government.
    “1.12.1 Define a Sovereign Citizen
    1.12.2 List 3 of the 5 other names that refer to Sovereigns
    1.12.3 State the 2 reasons why there was a resurgence of the group in 2008
    1.12.4 Identify what Sovereigns believe is the highest form of government
    1.12.5 Describe the organizational structure of the Sovereign Citizens
    1.12.6 List 6 basic illegal activities Sovereigns are involved with
    1.12.7 List 2 of the 3 vehicle marking a Sovereign may display
    1.12.8 What term would a Sovereign use instead of road or street?
    1.12.9 What type of firearms do Sovereigns prefer?
    1.12.10 What do you do prior to stopping a suspected Sovereign vehicle?
    1.12.11 What might a Sovereign claim if you request a Social Security number?
    1.12.12 At a traffic stop its not uncommon for a Sovereign to claim what?
    1.12.13 List the 3 items most officers request at a traffic stop
    1.12.14 What should be obtained when stopping a Sovereign vehicle?
    1.12.15 What is the significance of information not shared?
    1.12.16 List 3 of the 4 popular forms used by Sovereigns
    1.12.17 How many groups of Sovereigns have formed fictitious police agencies
    1.12.18 If you had a bad encounter with a Sovereign, where might you check?
    1.12.19 List 2 of the 3 offices you contact after a Sovereign encounter.”

    II. Sovereign Citizen Defined

    A person whose belief and actions are anti-government and rejects the notion of U.S. citizenship. They claim to follow only God’s laws and the amendments found in the original Bill of Rights. Members have said that by force or by peace, a government overhaul will happen. The FBI considers the sovereign movement one the nation’s top domestic terrorist threats.

    Bill of Rights

    The collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.
    These limit the power of the U.S. Federal government in the areas of:

    Freedom of religion
    Freedom of speech, or of the press
    Right of people to assemble peaceably
    The right to keep and bare arms
    The right of the people against unreasonable searches, seizures
    The right against self-incrimination.

    Also Known As

    Sovereign Citizens are also known as:

    1. “Common Law Citizens”
    2. “Freemen” – representing freedom of government control.
    3. “Constitutionalists”
    4. “Posse Comitatus”
    5. “Preamble Citizens”

    These are really dangerous People – Beware!??


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