Vindictive Liberals: The 1963 Edition of Human Action

Yep, this is the way academic slime balls play the game. When I decided to go for the PhD, I thought that academia was the last bastion of truth and objectivity in a sea of lies and deceit. Boy was I ever naive.  – jtl, 419
Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist 
English: Ludwig von Mises in his library

English: Ludwig von Mises in his library

This is the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most scurrilous incidents in  academic publishing. The victim was Ludwig von Mises. The perpetrator was Yale  University Press.

Yale University Press published the 1949 edition of Human Action.  Sales were much higher than the editor had expected. It was a 900-page treatise  on economics, written by an immigrant from Germany who was teaching at an  undistinguished university. He was out of favor with the now-dominant Keynesian  establishment. The book sold for $10, which in 1949 was the equivalent in  today’s money of $98. Who would have imagined that it would go through six  printings? In 1962, it went out of print. I remember attending a week-long evening  seminar by Mises that summer. It was sponsored by Andrew Joseph Galambos.  Attendees could not buy Human Action. Mises wanted to revise the book. The replacement editor allowed this. But he  would not allow Mises to see the page proofs in early 1963. Mises had asked.When the book appeared, it was a typesetting atrocity. The editor did not pay  for a new typesetting job. Instead, he hired a typesetter to typeset revised  sections. Then the man then pasted over the old edition. The changes were made  in bold face. They did not match the original edition. The result was an  aesthetic disaster.

My edition has this title page. On the page is an addition. It is attached to  the page by Scotch tape.

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