From Chile through Italy to Iran: More on the 3D Printer Gun

This whole flap is a beautiful example of just how helpless and hopelessly silly (but still the most dangerous threat to life, liberty and property on earth) the uS government has become. They trot out the old, totally worn out, no longer believable “national defense” excuse over a single shot, plastic pistol. In the meantime, airlines are hijacked with box cutters. How ridiculous can you get?

In addition to the PirateBay source (see the link under Related Articles), this from our correspondent in Chile: “Your problem has just been solved by my Italian friend.  You can find the blueprints and files and my write up at on his website in Iran.  You can download them directly from there!!!  Just hit hyperlink to that website and you are up, up and away!!”

From Chile through Italy to Iran–what a wonderful technology. Mind boggling !!!!!

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