What’s next in “Scandalgate”?

by Claire  Wolfe via Living Freedom<!–at by –>

With the veritable plethora* of scandals abounding now in Obama’s DC, it’s fun wondering which will become the Scandal du Jour — that is, the one that’ll last more than a week.

No, the scandal that lasts won’t be the horrendous treatment of prisoners in Gitmo or the slaughter of children via drones. Though both are outrages of war-crime proportions, those are just the usual ho-hummers. No doubt most Americans wish more furrin’ kids would be blown to smithereens and would rejoice if everybody in Gitmo were waterboarded six times a day.

Will the lasting scandal be Benghazi? Probably not. Too “Fox-ish” to grow any real media legs. The best we can hope for from that one is that it’ll keep Hillary out of the White House in 2016.

A lot of people are betting that the Justice (sic) Department’s secret wholesale seizure of AP’s phone records will be The One. Goring the media’s ox does tend to be a really, really bad idea — but that’s usually done only by Republicans. It’ll be fun to watch the MSM twist itself into a pretzel. (“How can we kiss Obama’s butt at the same time we’re screaming in his face that he’s raping the Bill of Rights?”)

My personal favorite Scandal of the Week, though, is the IRS targeting “patriot” and “tea party” non-profits with wink, wink, nod, nod no political intent. Sure, that’s also probably too Foxy for the MSM to care about. (Because nobody has yet noticed any group with “Progressive” in its name going under extra IRS scrutiny.)

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service

But you know, it’s been a long, loooong time since we’ve watched the IRS get kicked around. And heaven knows it deserves it, based on its lifelong status as a political tool alone. (Beyond that, we could count the ways …)

So I’m rooting for that one to become the next Whatevergate. How about you?


* I’ve always wanted an excuse to say veritable plethora about something; finally got my chance.

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4 Responses to What’s next in “Scandalgate”?

  1. sally1137 says:

    …hmmm…so many to choose from….


  2. Gunny G says:

    Reblogged this on NOW BLOG THIS ~ GUNNY.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:
    GyG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. phynedyning says:

    Ms. Wolfe began her commentary with the way this will end: “With the veritable plethora of scandals abounding now in Obama’s DC, it’s fun wondering which will become the Scandal du Jour — that is, the one that’ll last more than a week.”

    Nothing will last more than a week.

    The political caste no longer needs to refute anything. They need only wait until topic slides to a position beneath the fold, then inside ‘Section C’ or adjacent to cutting news about cork production in Portugal.

    Remember those quaint ‘corrections’ columns in olde-tyme newspapers. They’re gone. Editors no longer devote expensive staff time to corrections. Why? Because the corrected story fell off the pages two days prior to the publishing of the correction. Consequently, a ‘corrections’ column made as much sense as devoting ink and paper to re-publish last week’s weather forecast.

    The AP-gate and IRS-gate stories both broke before weekends. By the following Monday, they were third-banana stories. In two weeks, they will only be remembered in speeches made by opposing members of the political caste.

    Since all political speeches are essentially fiction pieces, any former Scandal du Jour is magically transformed into fiction. There is no need to refute fiction. A wrinkled brow, above rolling eyes, takes care of it.


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