A Computerized, Desktop Metal Fabricator for $1,400. DIY Guns? Yes, Sir.

For those of you who are not hard-core gun nuts and may not know:

Only a part of any gun is a “controlled item” (the part that the manufacturer must keep a record of and what is actually signed for on the yellow sheet when you buy the gun) For example, it the lower receiver of the AR-15 and the 1911 Auto pistol. All the other bits and pieces are readily available to anyone.

Also, it is perfectly legal to manufacture any of the “controlled items.” You do not have to give them a serial number or “register” them with anybody–as long as you keep the item for yourself. If you do, you can not sell (or, if I understand correctly, even give away) the item.

Happy milling. — jtl, 419

by Gary North on June 13, 2013 

So, you don’t want plastic guns made on a 3-D printer? You want a metal gun. You don’t care about metal detectors at an airport. You are concerned about gun registration.

It looks as though your answer is almost here. Possibly by the end of summer, you will be able to buy a computer-driven desktop metal fabricator. So will a lot of people.

Within five years, this technology will be everywhere. It will let people build all sorts of metal equipment. Maybe this product will not pan out, but something comparable will.

This is the wave of the future. We are going back to what we had in 1790: cottage industries. Only the cottages will be factories.

This is decentralization on a scale we can barely imagine.

Sales taxes? Gone. Tariffs? Gone. Registration? Gone. Buy a blueprint, download it, and DIY.

Next stage: encryption. Let the NSA follow the digits. So what?

The more fabrication machines there are out there, the greater the noise — data overload. Noise is our friend.

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2 Responses to A Computerized, Desktop Metal Fabricator for $1,400. DIY Guns? Yes, Sir.

  1. Gunny G says:

    Reblogged this on NOW BLOG THIS! ~ GUNNY.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:
    GyG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. phynedyning says:

    This is exactly why I don’t get my Under-Roos in a knot whenever someone direly warns me that ‘THEY’ are coming to take my guns.

    Fine. Take ’em. Please. Would you like a glass of tea while you work? You look a bit warm in that GI surplus ninja suit, brain-pot, and ceramic armor.

    Then, the next morning, they get to roll that big ole boulder back up the hill.

    Every day, several thousand crayon-eating-window-lickers successfully cook up methamphetamine with virtually no knowledge of chemistry. (They only occasionally blow themselves into a pink mist with toasty edges.)

    Imagine what men with functional central nervous systems could achieve with modern metal fabricating equipment and much, much more motivation.



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