The NSA Has All Non-Gun Show Sales in Its Files.

Written by Gary North via The Tea Party Economist

On June 27, 26 United States Senators sent a letter to James Clapper, the  Director of National Intelligence. The letter called attention to the fact that  domestic spying by the United States government on American citizens includes  the collection of information on firearms sales. The letter said the following:  “And the bulk collection authority could potentially supersede bans on  maintaining gun owner databases. . . .”

We now know that the NSA and other domestic spying organizations have  collected all of our communications information that has been transmitted  through phones, emails, and other digital communications media.

We also know that business records have been collected. The Patriot Act  authorizes this. The question now is this: How comprehensive has this collection  process been? It appears to have been comprehensive to the extreme.

This means that the previous attempts by Congress to restrict the snooping of  the government into our personal records has been utterly impotent. It has had  no effect whatsoever. The government has collected this information, and it is  now stored in government databases.

There is nothing Congress can do to stop this, other than to cut the budgets  of the NSA, the CIA, and other surveillance organizations. But these budgets are  hidden from Congress. Congress in fact does not even know how large these  budgets are. So, Congress is utterly impotent. Yes, 26 members can send an  inquiry to the temporary head of intelligence, who is a political appointee. But  how much authority does he have to pry information out of these secret  organizations? He has no meaningful authority. He cannot fire anybody. He cannot  cut their budgets. He is simply a temporary appointment, and his term  appointment will end in a few years. The agencies can stonewall him, the same  way they have stonewalled every other temporary political appointee. As long as  their budgets are intact, they cannot be touched, and their budgets are not even  known.

Meanwhile, they have records on every Congressman, every Senator, and every  temporary political appointee who supposedly runs the show. Call this bulk  blackmail data.

The best we can hope for is this: there is so much information that the  snoopers will not be able to have the manpower to follow through on all of the  data they have collected. We can forget about the possibility of getting these  agencies to erase the data.

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