The Police Contact

Please do whatever you need to do (copy and past into a word file, etc) to print yourself multiple copies of the following. Be sure you keep one on your person at all times (in your wallet near your other slave cards (government identification). Also, put one in the glove compartment of every automobile you own or drive. Even in a simple traffic stop, it should go to the dimwitted functionary right along with your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Yours for freedom in out lifetimes. — jtl, 419

Notice to the Government Functionary

I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the following rights and privileges afforded to me by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Texas.

I invoke and refuse to waive my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.  Do not ask me any questions.

I invoke and refuse to waive my Sixth Amendment right to an attorney of my choice. Do not ask me any questions without my attorney present.

I invoke and refuse to waive all privileges and rights pursuant to the case, Miranda v. Arizona.  Do not ask me any questions or make any comment to me about my decision.

I invoke and refuse to waive my Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  I do not consent to any search or seizure of myself, my home, or of any property in my possession.  Do not ask me about my ownership interest in any property. I do not consent to this contact with you.  If I am not presently under arrest or under investigatory detention, please allow me to leave.

Any statement I make, or alleged consent I give, in response to your questions is made under protest and under duress and in submission to your claim of lawful authority to force me to provide you with information.

Specific Notice to Federal Immigration and Customs Officers (Currently collectively known as the Department of Homeland Defense): I am a citizen of the United States of America. My journey did not originate in a foreign country or border equivalent (international airport). I have not been to the border. Do not ask me any further questions.

Please also note: The above, as stated by the Supreme Court, are rights and privileges as guaranteed by the Constitution, and anyone (including judges) who knowingly violates those rights may be civilly and criminally liable under several federal statutes. Please see: United States Code, Title 18 Section 241 (Conspiracy against rights), and Section 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law); Title 42 Section 1983 – Section 1986 (Civil Rights).

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  3. oamorley says:

    Good message.  Started yoir book. Good start far a book! But small print and 500 pages. Will take awhile.  Sure I will enjoy. Get you to sign it some day. A

    Adrian Morley 575-631-3596


  4. Brittius says:

    I used to carry a similar paper notarized in my wallet, in case I were incapacitated or killed, instructing who my attorney is, who my family is, and pull the plug after 48 hours fighting chance, or if dire injury would reduce me to vegetation.


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