Government works to make federal agencies appear as protagonists on TV

Of course they do. It is all a part of the media’s role and function within the propaganda machine. And it is very effective too. All you have to do to see that is realize that NCIS is THE NUMBER ONE raged show on prime time TV. — jtl, 419

via Police State USA

‘Branding’ the agencies is important to keep the public complacently accepting police state behavior

(Source: Lifetime's 'Baby Sellers')

(Source: Lifetime’s ‘Baby Sellers’)

The federal government actively works to get its agencies to appear on television and portrayed as the protagonists. They say that “branding” is important to their image and boosts the morale of the agents. What they don’t mention is that it also acclimates the citizenry to living in a police state.

Many agencies, including U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), actually staff an “entertainment and multimedia liaison” in order to coordinate the agencies starring roles.

Brandon A. Montgomery is such a liaison for ICE. In a news release from his agency, he is described as “actively working to generate an agency presence in film and TV.”

“It’s important to get (ICE) on TV because it ensures we are on the top of the mind to the American public and our stakeholders,” Montgomery said, noting that it was 10 times as effective as putting an agency in a news blurb.

When the public is used to seeing federal agents on television every day, it desensitizes them to the Federal government’s agenda of expanding its centralized authority, broadening it jurisdiction, and federalizing crime and law enforcement across the country.

Not only that, but it embeds a caricature image of what government is into viewer’s subconscious.  The repeated portrayal of government agents as the heroes and saviors of serves to reinforce the existence of agencies and laws that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Montgomery touts his influence at acquiring ICE features in TV shows such as “To Catch a Smuggler,” “Border Wars,” “Chicago Fire,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Burn Notice” and “Bones.”

It is unclear how much of the police promotion we see on mainstream television is inspired by agency liaisons, but it is evident that the airwaves are absolutely full of pro-government propaganda disguised as entertainment.

A federal agent tears apart a vehicle at a checkpoint (Source: National Geographic's 'Border Wars')

A federal agent tears apart a vehicle at a checkpoint (Source: National Geographic’s ‘Border Wars’)

National Geographic’s Border Wars regularly promotes checkpoints and prohibition laws.  The viewership is conditioned to seeing travelers stopped by federal agents, often followed by intensive searches.  Agents strive to tear apart vehicles to locate prohibited plants and substances, fighting a Drug War that terrorizes the public in more ways than I care to list.

“It’s not just for the public,” Montgomery said, “it boosts morale for special agents and the agency too.”

A morale boost may be in order for agents who develop a cognitive dissonance when struggling to rationalize their employment duties with the oaths they took.  In the back of their mind it must be uncomfortable throwing non-violent people in cages,  and hearing Americans decrying the violation of their rights at internal domestic checkpoints.

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