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10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown

Eric Blair via Activist Post Thank God the government shutdown crisis is over. Not because it averted economic catastrophe, that’s still coming, but because the phony narrative was destructive. It dragged even the most open-minded people into a designated political camp. … Continue reading

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The Great Risks of a Second U.S. Civil War

By Jack D. Douglas via All serious social analysts and more and more generally intelligent and knowledgeable Americans realize the danger of an Implosion of the vast U.S. financial Bubbles and debts leading to a more general social-political Implosion of of … Continue reading

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Defensive Interposition against Police Aggression

This is the way it should be done, boys and girls. — jtl, 419 By William Norman Grigg via Police are people who consider themselves entitled to use aggressive violence against others, and punish those who defend themselves. When a Mundane … Continue reading

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Want Peace? Promote Free Trade

by JULIAN ADORNEY via The Freeman Frédéric Bastiat famously claimed that “if goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.” Bastiat argued that free trade between countries could reduce international conflict because trade forges connections between nations and gives each country an incentive to … Continue reading

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The State’s Education Monopoly Increases Prices and Destroys Choice

by Ron Paul on October 14, 2013 Editor’s Note: This selection is taken from Chapter 5 of Ron Paul’s new book The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System. The free-market principle of open entry is challenged by governmental … Continue reading

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Secession and County Rights

There is not going to be secession by armed revolution in the United States… America is homogeneous…  Most Americans speak English… But not for much longer if the FedGov’s current immigration policy is allowed to continue. (Drastically skewed toward third … Continue reading

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Is Red State America Seceding?

Almost every day I hear (or read) some fool talking about how we need to “take back our constitutional republic” or “restore the constitution” etc, etc, etc. The fact of the matter is that there is no turning back the … Continue reading

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7 Falsehoods about the Free Market

by SANDY IKEDA via The Free Man Just as there are timeless truths, there are also timeless falsehoods. Here are a few of the latter that I’ve recently encountered, but there are, of course, plenty more. Some libertarians may not agree with … Continue reading

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Cops Are Now Less Cautious Than Soldiers In Iraq

They are totally out of control and for a very ominous reason. Get on the boxcar. — jtl, 419 via Center for a Stateless Society The shooting on Capitol Hill of Miriam Carey, an unarmed woman who refused police commands … Continue reading

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Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon

A part of me says, naaaah this is a hoax while a nagging little voice keeps saying “don’t be so sure.” I have no idea as to the accuracy but this just may be it, boys and girls. Whether it … Continue reading

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