Ruby Ridge, Illusions Shattered

Ruby Ridge, followed shortly by the Waco Massacre, were pivotal events in this hard core An-Cap’s Great Awakening. We can never allow them to be forgotten, especially in view of the fact that the situation is getting worse by the minute. — jtl, 419

PS. Please read the book Ambush at Ruby Ridge : How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His Family Down.

Written by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham on Tuesday, 10 December 2013.  Posted in Opinion, Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

The tragic events at Ruby Ridge continue to remind us, decades later, that government, like fire, can get out of control and destroy lives.

Ruby Ridge, Illusions Shattered

The last photograph of Vicki Weaver before she was killed.

Ruby Ridge may seem like ancient history (1992) to some but not to us. By us I mean my husband Roger Bloxham and myself. A recent situation, though, brought back the memory of Ruby Ridge and how for many of our friends, it was a shattering of illusions.

A few days ago I was copied on this letter to Troy Industries from a relative.

Dear Sirs,

I just placed an order for some accessories for one of my Troy rifles – and through your website linked onto the site which I had not previously visited. I was horrified to find on that site that not only has Troy employed one of the government assassins from Ruby Ridge, Dale Monroe, but that Steve Troy is defending this decision.

The entire premise under which the government was pursuing Randy Weaver was questionable and any participant in the assault upon the Weavers should be held in suspicion. However the situation of Dale Monroe is very clear. I read Dale Monroe’s testimony to Congress where he claimed that the sniper shots fired at the Weavers – and killing Vicki Weaver while holding her child – were justified. As the spotter Monroe is responsible for identifying the target, confirming the threat and ensuring that the shot can be safely taken (i.e. there isn’t a woman holding a baby behind the intended target). Our Congressmen were ignorant of this but the reality is that as the spotter Dale Monroe is the person most responsible for Vicki Weaver’s murder. Monroe has stated that he thinks their actions were justified and Mr. Troy is supporting that assessment passing off abuse of power and murder as “mistakes were made’.

If you’re in the business of killing civilians, particularly mothers, then I guess you’ve got your expert with Dale Monroe.

While I’m very pleased with my Troy products I cannot in good conscience ever do business with your company again.

I am proud of my relative who wrote this letter, and greatly relieved that this is only one of many similar letters and emails to the company protesting the lack of morality in the hiring of someone who participated in such an egregious act of harassment and then murder.

Ruby Ridge was evidence that many, particularly gun rights people and libertarians, hated to face, but yet was proof of the validity of our growing sense of gloom. Our government was not a protector but rather our own government was becoming the enemy.

How could our government harass and then murder innocent people and excuse it as “just doing our job.” Why were the participants and Dale Monroe allowed to live life freely while Sammy Weaver, a young boy, and his Mother lie in a grave. But Monroe claims he was simply doing his job and he would do it again.

But there is another connection that brought the saga closer to us particularly, and probably many libertarians. At the time libertarians were linked not yet by the internet but by the writings of people such as writer and consummate reporter, Alan Bock of the Orange County Register. Alan Bock was respected and admired by a large audience of readers, not just in Orange County, California, but also across the country. Alan Bock, as a careful reporter, deeply understood the importance of the Weaver’s tragedy and the warning that it held for all people.

At the time he was also participating with us in a TV program which Roger produced for cable TV called Libertarian Free Forum. David Nolan, one of the founders of the Libertarian Party, was the moderator, and every program featured political opinions from all perspectives on subjects of topical interest. We became better acquainted with Alan Bock and came to greatly admire his honesty and integrity.

When he told us he planned to travel to Northern Idaho and extensively interview Randy Weaver and also follow through on the trial and testimony of the law enforcement people involved we knew we could expect a fair and thoroughly professional book. Indeed it was. It is well worth reading, even now.

Briefly, Randy Weaver was a “White separatist” whose religious beliefs were that the races should not mix based on his interpretation of the Bible. Randy and his wife Vicki moved to a remote cabin in Northern Idaho with their children. A friend, Kevin Harris also was with them frequently and was there when the governmental entities escalated their surveillance into murder.

Federal Agents were attempting to infiltrate a group of White Aryan supremacists. Randy had been to several of their meetings, however decided that was not his belief. He wanted nothing more to do with them. The agents persisted in attempting to intimidate him into infiltrating the Aryan group. The agents then asked him to shorten a shotgun barrel, which they later proved was too short legally by less than a fourth of an inch.

This dubious charge brought on an eighteen month surveillance by the U.S. Marshalls, FBI and BATF finally involving hundreds of officers. The mob scattered over Ruby Ridge dressed in camouflage and carrying arms with silencers. Predictably, one day it erupted. First the Weaver’s dog was shot (and later run over repeatedly in retribution)

Sammy, their young son, was brutally shot in the back. A Federal Agent was shot and killed but at trial charges were dropped and Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris found innocent of that charge, as most likely it was from “friendly” fire.

Vicki Weaver was standing in the door holding her 10-month-old baby girl Elisheba. The spotter, now an employee of Troy, Dale Monroe, told Lon Horiuchi to shoot. He did and Vickie was killed. The baby and the elder daughter, Sara, were covered with her blood.

It is the remarks at the hearing by Monroe that he would do it again, and that he would have taken the shot, but Horiuchi was faster. That is the crux of the current hostility. The disgust toward Troy for hiring Monroe is as palpable on the internet commentary as though Ruby Ridge happened yesterday.

That the Weavers presented no threat to anyone else yet the government saw fit to assemble an immense body of “Law Enforcement” and set up extreme Rules of Engagement, should have caused any true peace officer to refuse to participate.

The behavior and harassment after the murders mocking the deaths and the further attempts to terrorize the wounded Harris and Weaver, and his children, reveal the depravity of all the law enforcement people involved.

Their crime remains and they should not be excused. Not then, while their bodies lay cold and unburied and not now.

Alan Bock was an honest harbinger of the growing excesses of the State and the overreach of government. No longer are there many friendly Peace Officers, protectors of the innocent, but, evident in their change in title to Law Enforcement we innocent quickly are becoming the victims.

About the Author

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham has been an enthusiastic pro-freedom activist for many years.  As a former registered commodity and stock broker, her work has included conducting financial and economic evaluations for businesses. As a writer and political and social analyst, her work has appeared in many publications, starting with the Johnson County Missouri Conservative Newsletter in 1962 and continuing since with the Kansas City Business Journal, The Heartland Institute, the California Libertarian Journal, and the Oklahoma Libertarian Forum.

Copyright © Lynn Atherton-Bloxham. Used with permission.


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  1. Gunny G says:

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  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered anyone who was fighting the good fight in ’92 and is still fighting today. It does my heart good to bump into you here (comps of a LinkedIn Group link). I’m surrounded by rookies who’ve never heard of Ruby Ridge, Waco and OKC. I fear we’re about to relive that history again. Thank God there’s still a small handful of us out there to help guide and warn the latest generation of freedom fighters about just how sinister and evil ‘you know who’ can get. We’re trying to keep the memory and lessons alive as well:

    Keep up your great work. It made my day to find your site and I hope I can find a submit form to subscribe. If not, please add our email to your list –

    Stay strong and stay safe. Kindest regards,
    Mark Wachtler
    Whiteout Press

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    • Mark, good to hear from you. You are sure right about there not being many freedom fighters that have been at it for as long as we have. Most get discouraged (and tired of being called names) and fall by the wayside. I am pretty lucky, however, in that I have a large following that have been with me from (just about) day one. We might be considered the geriatric platoon. lol

      I checked out your web site and subscribed–now waiting for the approval email. My subscribe window is at the upper right of the front page. If you have any problems, let me know.

      Also, I would welcome your re-blogging any of our posts that you think might be of interest to your subscribers. And, unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume you will allow me the same privilege.

      Yours for freedom in our lifetimes.



  3. xizangoneTom says:

    The good news is, there’s no statute of limitations to murder. I would like to see the guilty finally prosecuted and punished. Rightfully, that should include execution for capital murder.


    • Somebody help me out here (old timers disease is getting its way).

      First, a couple of things I am pretty sure about. Constitutionally, murder is a state problem. The only three areas of edict enforcement the Constitution allows the Feds are: 1. Treason, 2. counterfeiting and 3) crimes on the high seas.

      Second, we all know that the Constitution no longer exists except as a “collector’s item” behind thick glass.

      Now the question: Do I not recall that Idaho tried to prosecute Horiuchi (sp?) for murder and was slapped down by the Feds?


  4. Hi JTL,
    Thanks for replying and subscribing to Whiteout Press. I found your ‘subscribe’ box at the top of the page and did the same. I also followed you on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing future posts. Everything on Whiteout Press is ‘all rights released’. Our content is 99% original and free to be republished in part or in whole by anyone and everyone. So if you come across anything you’d like to reprint, please feel free. We’ll do the same. We usually don’t copy/paste exact essays/articles. Instead, we’ll report on what you/they write and include links back to the original site.

    I’m planning to write something up about Ruby Ridge and your above article. I’m not sure how fast I can get to it. Seems like we’re perpetually two weeks behind on articles. But I’ll definitely give you a plug and include a link back to your site. Thanks again for all your kind and encouraging words. The feeling’s mutual 🙂

    Mark Wachtler


    • Ou rah! Mark.

      Also, please give Lynn a healthy “atta boy.” She is a good friend and talk about a veteran of the freedom wars. Her and her husband, Roger, go back to the 70s and the founding of the LP. She’s been at it ever since. Now THAT is dedication.

      Thanks again.

      Yours for freedom in our lifetimes.


  5. Hey Gunny, I some how went from being two weeks behind on articles to a whole month. But I got it written/published, finally. Let me know if you see anything that’s wrong or incorrect. Most of it came from memory. Thanks again for letting us know about this. It was definitely great making your acquaintance too. Although, we probably crossed paths at some point in the past. It’s a small world when you’re “a patriot at the beginning of a change” as Mark Twain said. Stay strong and stay safe, and stay in touch. I’ll do the same.

    Kindest regards,
    Mark Wachtler
    Whiteout Press – Owner/Editor
    If it’s blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here!


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