The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has decided to censor children’s Christmas card’s to Veterans

Culture warriors should be thinking about secession.

Culture warriors should be thinking about secession.

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4 Responses to The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has decided to censor children’s Christmas card’s to Veterans

  1. Gunny G says:

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    The VA is “out-of-control” like the rest of DC. The VA often feels they are “welfare” distributors. How absurd! A service connected disability is a recognition of a “Lawsuit Obligation” or the services and payment to a Veteran for an injury incurred while in the service of the Armed Forces of the USA. Period! The payments and Medical/Benefits are part of a lawsuit settlement. Why is it that workers(VA) are constantly in need of being reminded and often make their own personal rules determining a Veterans Rights and Needs? What is going on? I really feel violated by these imbeciles! EW2 USN 100% SC Much more , but I going to go and BARF!


    • Absolutely right on…at least according to my personal experience. I am a disabled veteran on two counts.

      When I received the assessment of disability, the letter started out telling me how much (%) disability they assessed and how much money that was worth. The following paragraph, the way it was written, made me understand that, although I had been awarded this amount (as you say, a lawsuit settlement) I would not actually receive any money because my income was above the FedGov’s “poverty level.”

      I raised hell and she back pedaled and tried to make me think I had misread the paragraph. I read English and I still have the letter in case I should ever need it.

      The second claim I filed is still pending. It too has been a horror story. If you are interested, you can read about it here:


      • GOTTA LOVE THE NAVY says:

        I read your “Horror Story” and yes, it is frightful, however. Do not give up! I personally was denied and there was evidence of Schizophrenia and my “Ships Doctor” even used the term. I saw 10-15 Psychiatrists in Okinawa and San Diego. It took five years of review and the VFW was my POA. I was not a Combat Vet. But my Dad was and suggested I go to the VFW for help. Those Men(VFW) were great and treated me with respect and compassion! They even felt I somehow must be an ERA qualified Vet, but I was not! I eventually became a Lifetime member of the DAV. I did make a sizeable donation to VFW, but can never really re-pay what they did for me. I will say, I am lucky because many veterans get screwed. However, do not give up and seek help from the VFW, I suggest, you can choose about any service organization. But the DAV has let me down in the past, not knowing what is the Law! The VFW seems to be really with it, at least that’s how it was. Still use common sense when it concerns yourself and family’s well being . Also, when I received SC, the SS admin. said they denied me benefits for disability. I kid you not, I wrote them and called them all “Beggars of corruption” And a month later received all back pay along with current benefit. Have not heard from them in 23 years! NO KIDDING! I have always been a functional Schizophrenic , but still disabled. I have never heard voices or seen things. I qualify with other symptoms. The Navy had a hard time diagnosing me because the typical schizoid sees and hears things. I was a little different, and it threw them off including me! I now understand in full and am happy to say “I am in remission” Praise God, But Hopefully my psychiatrist did not hear that, or he will say “this man is delusional” Lol


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