Aggressive Police Tactics Threaten Innocent Citizens

By Bob Bauman JD, Offshore and Asset Protection Editor via the Sovereign Investor

Dear Sovereign Investor,

In 2010, a Miami-Dade Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, armed to the teeth, invaded a small barbershop in a quiet residential neighborhood.

They drove a small tank up to the front door, battered it down with a heavy ram, and flung “flash-bang” stun grenades inside. Then 12 heavily armed paramilitaries burst in, clad in black, screaming at the shop’s occupants to “get down, get down, or we’ll ******* kill you!” They grabbed the stunned men they found inside and bound their arms together with plastic handcuffs before frog-marching them to an armored paddy wagon.

The reason for the raid? Barbering without a license.

And if you think that’s insane, consider that U.S. SWAT teams have repeated this sort of outrage while raiding a DJ’s studio to enforce copyright law, a private home in search of stolen koi fish, a meeting of Buddhist monks suspected of overstaying their visas, an Amish dairy farm for selling unpasteurized milk, a private poker game … and an animal shelter in search of a baby deer (which they then killed).

Welcome to The Land of the Free, folks, where you are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist. It’s starting to look like there is only one sure solution to this madness…

Indeed, Radley Balko, a libertarian journalist, has identified more than 50 innocent civilians who have been killed in SWAT raids in the last three years alone. Many of these state-sanctioned murders were a result of innocent victims sensibly attempting to defend themselves, mistaken identity, or of police raiding the wrong address.

These paramilitary teams, whose members are equipped with the latest military-style weapons and trained in the battlefield tactics of Iraq and Afghanistan, were originally intended to tackle only the most dangerous criminals, such as murderers or hostage-takers.

But somewhere along the line, like so much else in today’s America, SWAT teams spun completely and violently out of control. Indeed, many police forces have become completely imbued with a militaristic, adversarial approach to the citizens they are employed to protect and serve. One SWAT commander recently wrote that “we stress the fact that even on the most uneventful portion of your tour, you can be subjected to combat at a moment’s notice.”

Tour? Combat? He’s talking about policemen, employed by you and me, in ordinary neighborhoods.

This is absolute madness, and it is allowed to go on for three reasons.
Firstly, thanks to the “war on terror,” there is plenty of police cash sloshing around looking for big weapons. The Department of Homeland Security has handed out more than $35 billion in grants to state and local police. The Pentagon also supplies surplus military hardware to police forces at virtually no cost. This is how a small-town police force in Connecticut, for example, obtained an armored personal carrier armed with a cannon and a machine gun.

Secondly, the “war on drugs” has created the ultimate perverse incentive. When police find assets they suspect are the proceeds of crime, they can seize them under civil asset-forfeiture rules, whether or not a crime was committed. The police can then sell the loot and use the money to arm themselves further. This gives them a powerful incentive to focus on drug crimes, which generate lots of cash, rather than, say, rape, which does not.

Finally, America’s supine political class has consistently refused to exercise leadership on this matter. Many commentators note that being tough on crime “sells” to voters, suggesting that we citizens are to blame for this state of affairs. But this is exactly backwards. American politicians rarely listen to what the electorate actually wants. Instead, they “sell” the illusory need for paramilitary policing because it pleases the deep-pocketed corporate interests that supply the weaponry being used to murder grandmothers in their sleep.

Paying for the Brutality

When one considers this in the context of out-of-control government spending and taxation, it becomes horrifyingly apparent just how topsy-turvy the citizen-government relationship envisioned by the Founders has become. It’s no stretch to imagine that one day, your own money, confiscated by your own government, may be used to buy weapons and arm the very police who will kill you.

At the least the early Bolsheviks were making a sadistic point when they demanded that the families of their victims pay for the bullets used to murder them.

What our government and police are doing is not only lawless — it’s insane. And it’s time to escape.

But the key to that escape is having a solid plan in place to protect yourself and your family.

  1. Are your assets protected from government confiscation?
  2. Are you invested in such a way that you’re protected from a potential government collapse?
  3. Should the political environment in the U.S. continue to deteriorate, do you have a place outside the U.S. that respects your civil liberties?
  4. Do you have a second passport?

These are all questions that need to be considered when planning your escape from the brutal paramilitary tactics adopted by too many local law enforcement officers. The noble idea of “serve and protect” has been corrupted by unchecked power, and it now threatens your safety. It’s time to act to reclaim your peace of mind.

Faithfully yours,

Bob Bauman JD
Editor, Offshore Confidential

P.S. The U.S. has a long and ugly road ahead of it, and based on the information that Jeff Opdyke has uncovered in a little-known government document, things aren’t going to improve anytime soon. Click here to learn about the event that could change everything about the way we live in the United States.

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