Getting Real: Why Do Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments Get Us More Outraged than Obama’s Lies?

I smell a frame job.

What could have been that young woman’s motive for recording and releasing the audio? Duhhh, could it be money or do you suppose it is because she just enjoys octogenarian sex (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t notice).

If you have listened to the whole recording, you know that she actually badgered and nagged him into saying those things. If it had been me, I would have knocked her silly ass out a long time before we got to the “racist” stuff.

This poor stiff has been had. — jtl, 419

Getting Real: Why Do Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments Get Us More Outraged than Obama’s Lies?.

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2 Responses to Getting Real: Why Do Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments Get Us More Outraged than Obama’s Lies?

  1. Brian Patrick Corcoran says:

         This whole thing about Donald Sterling (whom I have never heard of before) really has me perplexed.  If that were me on the recording end of that tape, that  “girlfriend” (who would have NEVER been by girlfriend based on her ethnicity) would have gotten an earful about what I really think about those fucking Niggers.  I listened to the full ten minutes of the tape (with subtitles) and could not find a single passage that would betray this guy as a racist.  The only thing he is guilty of that I can see (other than atrocious taste in women) is perhaps pandering to the perceived and imbedded racism that exist in American culture.   It DOES exist.  I am a PERFECT example of it.  I hate fucking Niggers.  I want to puke every time I see one on the street here in Chile which fortunately is maybe once a month.  Yes, I HATE Niggers! And my hatred of them is not irrational.  I have been attacked and beaten up by gangs of them on three separate occasions.  Only once was I taken on one-on-one by a nigger after he took me by surprise in a choke hold from behind.  One time in Houston in 1980 I was hospitalized for 10 days after arriving by ambulance half dead in after six of them beat me with clubs. Only emergency surgery to suck the blood out of my collapsed lung cavities saved my life. I have been robbed, had loaded guns thrust in my face by them and have had untold things stolen from me starting with my bicycle at age 7.  So fuck Niggers!  And fuck the American politically correct culture that defends the reputation of NIGGERS  against people like me who call them out for the filthy, uncivilized animals they truly are.  They are big part of the reason I am here in Chile.  I constantly tell the Chilean people how lucky they are that there are no Niggers here in Chile.  They just stare at me blankly and nod. They don’t have a clue.  And stinking Meskins do not rank much higher in my scheme of things either.  Amen!  Call me PROUD to be a RACIST. 



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