Is Mainstream Media Now The Most Significant Threat To Freedom?

by Bernie Suarez via Activist Post

Humanity as a whole knows and understands the nature of governments. We can read history and see how governments operate to get what it wants. The threat of overreaching government and the obsession with control is a problem humanity has dealt with since the beginning of time. It (tyrannical controlling governments) has always been considered the greatest threat to humanity according to history.

Yet we know that governments throughout history have manufactured enemies and portrayed them instead as the ultimate threat; this is the nature of governments: to create “enemies” in order to maintain its power through fear. This known history of government propaganda and lies have, no doubt, accounted for the deaths of billions throughout history. So would it be a silly question to ask, What is the greatest threat to humanity today? Aren’t these known facts about government enough to prove the point? I say no it is not, because humanity faces an even greater threat that is now hiding in plain view. The mainstream media propaganda machine, I want to argue is now the greatest threat to all of humanity.

First, I want to say that we can all agree that the federal government and the globalists pose a great threat to all of humanity in light of what we see every day; their weapons of mass destruction, their unethical wars and atrocities, their control of the money and the resources we need to survive, their thirst for power and control, and their desire to decrease the population. What could be worse than this?

The founding fathers of America figured out how to contain big governments by putting into place the documents that made America what it used to be. These documents, remind us that with enough people standing together, even big governments can be stopped. There are tools embedded in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that allow for the implementation of processes designed to keep control by big government to a minimum. This is a reminder that the Constitution and Bill of Rights mean nothing unless the people act upon and exercise these rights.

Thankfully in today’s world, where we find ourselves surrounded by tyranny and an ever-growing fascist police state, we are seeing significant progress due to successful grassroots efforts initiated by organizations nationwide who are determined to restore the proper order of government. These mass efforts and actions are required just to push back on the forces that are fighting to destroy freedom, that force is being primarily implemented by the controlled Western mainstream media who now poses the greatest threat to the survival of the human race … and here’s why.

Unlike corrupt governments, which can be replaced as we’ve discussed, by exercising your voting and constitutional rights and becoming active, mainstream media, on the other hand, now represents an out of control beast that is not held accountable by the people. A mouthpiece which has an elusive off button and simultaneously the power to kill.

In the recent weeks we’ve observed the power of the mainstream media propaganda machine displayed in full force. We’ve recently witnessed the engineered demonization of Cliven Bundy for federal government-related political purposes and to deliberately turn the general public against him so as to possibly set him up to be taken down or imprisoned at some point in the possibly not-so-distant future. We are now witnessing the heartless character assassinating entity that is the pro-globalist, pro-Federalists, pro-new world order mainstream media PR machine. This organized gang of “news” corporations seems to be taking on the role of accuser, whose voice has the power to create reality. Like the legendary crowd that yelled “crucify him” in the Bible, as Jesus was accused by the people and later murdered by consensus, the mainstream media is now the voice of the masses yelling “crucify him” whenever the federal and global goons give the word.

Like an angel of death and destruction the mainstream media is now turning on those that are perceived as a threat to globalization and the new world order. They are also turning on Americans that the control system singles out for revenge, elimination or harassment. Consider the story of Christopher Dorner, the LAPD accused cop killer who was murdered by LAPD when they set on fire the cabin he was living in. Initially, he was profiled by mainstream media as a murderer and dangerous. This propaganda was put out by the media to the general public without any physical evidence brought to a court and a jury of Dorner’s peers. The accusation was accepted as fact by the mainstream media, and soon afterward he was murdered when LAPD intentionally burned him alive as was clearly revealed in their own audiotapes.

We are now seeing an “on-cue” style attack on Americans that oppose the federalists and globalists bullying going on worldwide. The powerful control system knows that without the mainstream media it has no power. The mainstream media has now become the judge and jury of those who are the enemies of the new world order. We have been watching the irrational rants from the Rachel Maddow’s and the Chris Hayes’ of the world, as they demonize freedom and Constitution lovers to be right wing “dangerous terrorists”. If someone had said this would be happening in America even ten years ago, no one would have believed it. The mainstream media is now unleashing and revealing its venom of hatred against those who dare stand up to the federal government.

Yes, the Glenn Becks of the world are portraying anyone who thinks they are above the federal government as “dangerous” instead of acknowledging that this is the point Thomas Jefferson was making when he said that when the government fears the people there is liberty and when the people fear the government there is tyranny. Members of the mainstream media are now regularly acting like they have no idea what the fundamental meaning and spirit of the U.S. Constitution is all about.

These agents of evil working for mainstream media are unleashing a massive wave of negative energy, divisiveness and hatred aimed at those who love freedom and liberty, knowing full well that they are setting up their victims for execution and terror accusations to qualify them as political enemies under the vague NDAA rules of indefinite detention. Unlike politicians and the members of government, however, who in the mainstream media will ever face trial for anything they say? Not one of them will ever be charged with lying or spreading propaganda that later contributed to someone’s death. They hide behind each other in unison as they prepare the accusation or execution of the next enemy.

We are now seeing how governments cannot fight back against those who openly stand for personal sovereignty, freedom and the Constitution without the help of mainstream media. When war crimes, genocide and murder are exposed, no one in the mainstream gets charged for not reporting these crimes. No one in the mainstream media will ever face charges for helping cover up any of the countless false flag operations we’ve seen in America in the last few years. For example, has Jane Standley of BBC ever been prosecuted for lying to the world on 9/11 telling us Building 7 of the World Trade Center had collapsed a full twenty-six minutes before it actually did? Of course not. The Boston Globe for instance, factually was aware and tweeted about drills and “controlled explosions” that were taking place prior to the pressure cooker detonation at the Boston Marathon in 2013, yet no one at Boston Globe was ever arrested or charged, or questioned in any way shape or form.

The mainstream media represents a whole challenge and an entirely new level of evil and deception for all of humanity to deal with. Thankfully, humanity as a whole is just now calculating ways in which to solve this massive problem. Yes, mainstream media really is one of the greatest, and some may argue, the greatest challenge for humanity to overcome in these times we live in only because so many people are literally plugged into their matrix of lies.

So before mainstream media kills off too many of us with their lies and propaganda to rationalize violence against liberty and freedom lovers, many of whom they maliciously name-call “conspiracy theorists” and “domestic terrorists”, let us take a strong stand against them and focus on exposing their nature. I believe we are now in a crisis of epic proportions. We’ve seen how tyrants of the past used propaganda to destroy their enemies and silence their opposition. And now we are seeing this same propaganda disseminated on-cue by these agents of death against selected enemies of the state. (i.e. Michael Hastings)

For this reason we should rethink our overall strategy in our battle for truth, liberty, and freedom so as to target the mainstream media on a mass scale and from the ground up. Many say the mainstream media is dying and, according to the ratings, they are finally slowly dying but it’s not happening fast enough to ensure the safety of liberty lovers. Their voices are still very loud and as mentioned millions of young Americans really do blindly believe mainstream media news.

Thankfully, it appears that being informed, aware, vigilant, and intuitive are characteristics seen in those who think critically and independently which in turn goes hand in hand with not listening to mainstream media propaganda. It shouldn’t surprise us then that mainstream media has one goal right now and that is to promote and perpetuate the new world order agenda. Perhaps proving and exposing this should be the main focus within the liberty movement.

Ultimately, the strategy is to make people aware of the magnitude of lies and propaganda the mainstream media is capable of. If we as a group effectively expose this, then it is possible to use the mainstream media’s own behavior (of accusing and setting up their victims) against them and to wake more people up. Whatever the solution, we had better move quickly for the mainstream media is a unique beast not to be underestimated, with more heads than one, more tricks and gimmicksthan one would expect of an enemy, and the power to quickly turn America against individuals or a group in a very short period of time as we have seen in the Bundy Ranch standoff.

Let’s focus on solutions for permanently neutralizing the mainstream media propaganda and death machine. And let us realize that this entity is arguably currently the greatest threat to humanity, liberty and freedom with the power to pass accusation and judgment in a short period of time.

Here are a few suggestions for solving this media problem:

  1. Continue to be active in causes that are important to you, and make an effort to expose any role mainstream plays in misrepresenting that issue.
  2. When you see a breaking propaganda story, do what you can to expose the actual writer of the story. Don’t let an author hide behind the logo of a company. Instead of saying “Associated Press says”, try to pinpoint and expose the author.
  3. Follow mainstream media social media accounts and latest news feeds to be aware of what narratives they are spinning, then do research on the story to expose their lies in real-time.
  4. Support alternative media in any way you can. This is the neutralizing force which they are very afraid of. We’re already seeing the initiation of efforts to control journalism, the Internet and information sharing. All of these efforts are an attempt to control the alternative media.
  5. Send alternative media links to family and friends reminding them that alternative media is much more reliable than corporate and special interest pro-Federal government, pro-globalists paid mainstream media.
  6. Do your research, debunk and expose all mainstream media narratives in the context of the known new world order agenda. Don’t allow yourself to be confused about whose side the mainstream media is on. This information war is being driven by the new world order global agenda and nothing else. Arm your mind with this knowledge so that you can understand and easily recognize the mainstream media agenda.
  7. Realize that if we lose this battle to defeat and expose the mainstream media, they will look to impose death and destruction via character assassination and vilification of truth seekers, libertarians, freedom lovers and anti-new world order individuals. Unfortunately it won’t end there. Soon afterward they will come for anti-war activists, social justice advocates, and anyone else who wants to challenge the new world order.

So let’s make sure that we understand the seriousness of our battle against the mainstream media. Yes, for many of us it was easy to cut off the mainstream media. Recognizing their lies and deception was not difficult for some of us and we broke free from their narratives. But keep in mind just how deeply entrenched you were at one time (for many of us) and consider how susceptible the minds of many Americans still are, including many young adults, to the proven effective mainstream media brainwashing. Do not take for granted that you yourself are awakened, and instead see the seriousness of what is happening from the perspectives of others.

This mainstream media and television control system is the most prized card the globalists have to use to implement their new world order plans on us. They know it’s the most powerful tool they own without which they would not get their new world order given all the free and open information available today. Thus, let us expose the mainstream for what it really is: a beast that is nearly invincible because it acts as the hypnotic controlling and fear-spreading voice of government. You cannot win a battle unless you know who your enemy is, so let’s cut off the globalist thugs at the knees by exposing and defusing their most critical resource, the controlled mainstream media.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project, where this first appeared. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists. 

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  4. Good article, but I must voice my point of contention. The numero uno threat to humanity is from institutional school systems. The mass media only takes up where the 15,000 + hours of indoctrination in Kantian collectivist irrationality leaves off.

    What the mass media offers is bad or at the very least hugely limited Grammar. If you teach children Aristotle’s Logic and the understanding of the Trivium method of learning they can spot a fallacy a mile away and will not fall for, nor even be interested in, the Rhetoric of the media.

    Besides being able to identify BS, it empowers the individual to learn anything they want on their own, and gives confidence to solve any problem they encounter. As Richard Grove (one of the most brilliant independent media producers in existence) says “learning is the answer, what’s the question”?

    IMHO, a massive infuse of reason in those that are being preyed upon would destroy the status quo predators in short order. This is where our focus should be, at least when it’s not on the front sight.

    Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric
    Input, Processing, Output
    Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom

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    • Indeed. Beware of the fad the public “educators” are currently pushing that goes by the name “critical thinking.” It is NOT. As with so many other ideas and opinions, “critical thinking” (as taught in public schools) is nothing but “Kantian collectivist irrationality.”


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