The Old Car Loophole

Whenever a Diane Feinstein type has reared its leathery neck to eruct a new law threatening old cars, SEMA – and the legions of old car hobbyists – have stomped it into the mud.

But, that rough equilibrium may be shifting. Because the old car hobby is graying. Check out who’s pictured in Hemmings Motor News articles, in magazines like Hot Rod and Car Craft. It’s the easy-fit jeans crowd. The young ones are in their 40s. The majority of them are Boomers – so, guys (and it’s almost always guys) deep into their 60s. Same demographic at car shows.

via The Old Car Loophole.

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2 Responses to The Old Car Loophole

  1. Well said! Hands of the cars. Will they petrol lawnmowers soon? How about getting rid of a washing machine and going back to hand wash instead of the carbon footprint they leave behind. How about a dishwasher being banned for the same reason, a toaster, kettle, fridge, oven. It’s ridiculous, people who have these cars cherish them and look after them, they are not play things that kids go burning up and down the roads in. Makes my blood boil.


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