Confronting Cops After They Shoot His Dog (STRONG LANGUAGE)

Would you feel any remorse from shooting the shitbag that did this? I would–about as much as the last rabid skunk I had to shoot. — jtl, 419

BAD COP: Video Of Man

What would you do if animal control called you at work and they told you that a cop entered your private fenced property and shot your dog, your ‘best friend’, in the head for protecting your home?  I dare a LEO to defend this:

Sean Kendall shot this video of his interaction with Salt Lake City police after learning an officer had shot his dog in his backyard.



Via NY Daily News:

Sean Kendall’s 2-year-old Weimaraner, Geist, was shot once in the head by a Salt Lake police officer June 18 as cops searched for a missing 3-year-old boy who was later found sleeping in his own house about a quarter-mile away.…

The 110-pound, gray-furred pooch was in his back yard kennel, with a 5-foot-tall fence surrounding the area, which Kendall told the Daily News he had secured to make sure the dog could not escape while he was away at work. The officer entered through a gate after Kendall did not answer the door.

When Kendall arrived home, he came upon two cops and an animal control officer. The unidentified police officer who shot Geist had left by the time Kendall returned home. A police spokeswoman said the officer, a 10-year veteran, remains on duty as internal affairs investigates the shooting.

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10 Responses to Confronting Cops After They Shoot His Dog (STRONG LANGUAGE)

  1. ofthehighest says:

    They disrespect life. The “policeman” who shot the dog knew how angry the owner would be so the coward left.

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  2. Gunny G says:

    My wunder-pup, Dixie, (Shi-Zu) was p!zzed too!
    aka: Gunny G!

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  4. Andy D. says:

    My wife and I consider our pets to be like family , if a County Deputy comes to my house and kills one of our pets , the Deputy will be gunned down accordingly . This has to stop in this nation , if police are so scared of docile pets then that means they are more scared of thugs and gangsters and that is why these criminals have prospered , because police won’t face the thugs but will give innocent civilians a hassle , because they know most everyday folks don’t want to go to jail , because it would screw up their lives , so these coward police take advantage of the people they know they can getaway with harassing . There is going to be a day in the not so distant future when these legal criminals will have to answer for what they have done ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

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  5. Rick Reese says:

    the cop is god and had a gun, you sir are a victim and need to sue the dept. and the dog murdering cop. Here in N.M. Deming P.D. was recently sued and settled for $1.6 million

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  6. I wonder how safe and secure the cops home is now… are his dogs/cats/ vehicles/ possessions safe from his neighbors, who undoubtedly read the news?…

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  7. Mike says:

    These things happen because, in general, LEO’s are egomaniacs. They cannot tolerate anyone, or in this case anything, challenging their power. You had damn sure better do what they say, when they say, regardless if they they are invading you property without a warrant or not. If someone was to go to their house and kill their child they would go to jail for the rest of their lives (which they should)! But they can come to my house and kill my child (my dog), without a warrant, and absolutely nothing happens to them. This is total bullshit!


  8. annjo1 says:

    Unless they said it after the camera was dropped when the dialogue became muffled, and I didn’t hear it, not once did any of the officials at the scene tell the poor guy they were sorry his dog was shot. Does the Salt Lake Police Dept. have to train its officers in inhumanity, or does the Department just select for that trait when recruiting?


  9. Patrick Henry 2014 says:

    If he’ll shoot a defenseless dog, he’ll tap you too. Shot first


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