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Conscription is slavery simply because it can’t possibly be anything else. — jtl, 419 [Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Wendy McElroy] California Assembly Bill 2201 is indicative of a quiet but growing trend. The US is not … Continue reading

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Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

via The Economic Collapse How in the world does the government expect us to trust the economic numbers that they give us anymore?  For a long time, many have suspected that they were being manipulated, and as you will see … Continue reading

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The Presidency Is Murder, Inc.

Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s MurderBy Joseph Miller The Daily CallerJune 26, 2014 Joseph Miller is the pen name for a ranking Department of Defense official with a background in U.S. special … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Columnist Asks If It’s Time for the Government to Kill “Gun Nuts”

Just yesterday I was attacked by a left wing pervert who had stumbled upon some of the FlyoverPress posts to Google+. He simply went down the list of our publications over the past few weeks and issued a rant on … Continue reading

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Louis Awerbuck, RIP

Those who have been around the firearms training and three gun scene for a number of years will remember Louis Awerbuck. One of the all time greatest. — jtl, 419 Thanks to Claire Wolf for the word. The man Jeff … Continue reading

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Is the State Above the Moral Law?

Robert Wenzel interviews Lew about his new book, Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto via Is the State Above the Moral Law?. The Essence of Liberty Volume I: Liberty and History chronicles the rise and fall of the noble experiment with constitutionally … Continue reading

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The restriction of market forces in the US Health Care Industry

Look at the staff that all doctors’ offices need to have.  Everyone there except for the nurse that assists the doctor is there to comply with the mountain of regulations that have been imposed on your doctor by government and … Continue reading

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Into Darwin’s Dark Night: We Had a Good Run

“Among IQ tests, can you cite the three major methodological differences between Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Rockwell’s Libertarian Matrices?” Or “You are familiar with the concept of standard deviation? You can calculate one? Take the mean, the differences from the … Continue reading

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When The State Owns Your Soul.

Sometimes violence, even murder, isn’t the worst thing you can do to a fellow human being. Stealing his soul, taking over the management of his conscience and his mind—those are worse. America reached that depth of wickedness recently when the … Continue reading

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Iraq Needs Anarchy

The rapid territorial gains in Iraq of the Al Qaeda splinter group ISIS in recent days has seized the attention of American news followers, many of whom don’t realize that ISIS’s rise in Iraq started back in January, when it … Continue reading

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