Pearls Before Swine

by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham via

The truth is that few immigrants are our enemies and we are not seeing the wealth inherent in this greatest resource — people.

Pearls Before Swine

Many American children grew up hearing the Biblical passage which cautions to “not cast your pearls before swine”. A child hearing that for the first time probably had a vague idea of what pearls were; similar to jewels, something of scarcity and value, therefore each one to be treasured.

As adults if they perused the Biblical scholars, they might find some divergence on the interpretation, but the main idea is similar among them. Do not waste teaching and words on those who are not receptive. Less frequently, however, are admonitions for one to not be that person who is indifferent to true value. Nor are too many reminded of the undesirability of one being the “swine” who cannot recognize something of precious value.

(As an aside I have made friends with a pig or two and they were surprisingly pleasant and intelligent fellows but they certainly would choose a plate of food over a plate heaped with pearls, I admit.)

The willingness and ability to recognize value where few see it is often a greatly admired and acquired skill particularly where investments are concerned. Ironically, I am now seeing multitudes of usually astute Americans not recognizing an extreme value being cast literally at their feet. There are a multitude of reasons why their position of rejection of these pearls is a foolish attitude, but perhaps most important is the value they would acquire if figuratively they scooped up the “Pearls.”

To quote Julian Simon, one of my favorite economists, “people are the greatest value”. More important than forests and mines, natural resources and land, are people. Each baby born is a unique being with the potential to be good, to achieve greatness, and perhaps even change the world for the better. However, even if that baby never gains fame and fortune, if the baby simply lives a good life not harming others, then it is a benefit to all people whether they know about it or not. That is the core of civilization.

There are many reasons why the children coming into the country, turning themselves in to the Border Patrol, are not invaders, are not disease ridden, are not mooches or criminals, do not have sub-standard intelligence nor are they rude, savages. These are children who have had their bravery and endurance tested. Children who have endured much to get to what they were told was safety. These are children who are accustomed to hard work and deprivation so getting something for nothing has not been a part of their life. These small children are strong and resilient and at a very young age are survivors. Their bravery could put most people to shame. Our land would be greatly enhanced by their presence. Most important is that each child is a unique and precious jewel to be treated with care, courtesy and kindness.

Rather than millions in political money being spent, there are charities (as Americans have always helped in any disaster) eager to help with the care, housing and food for these children. These are the groups who recognize the value of the pearls and treasure them.

There are many aspects to this problem: economic, historical, and philosophical. Foremost immediately is the recognition that these children are the pearls we should treasure just as we should children born in America.

Americans have been lied to about the statistics regarding immigrants, both “legal” and illegal.”  It is a grave mistake to view all peaceful travelers and strangers as enemies unless they prove otherwise. The truth is that few immigrants are our enemies and we are not seeing the wealth inherent in this greatest resource — people. Treasure each individual beautiful, valuable child especially.

Reprinted with permission.

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham Lynn Atherton-Bloxham has been an enthusiastic pro-freedom activist for many years. As a former registered commodity and stock broker, her work has included conducting financial and economic evaluations for businesses. As a writer and political and social analyst, her work has appeared in many publications, starting with the Johnson County Missouri Conservative Newsletter in 1962 and continuing since with the Kansas City Business Journal, The Heartland Institute, the California Libertarian Journal, and the Oklahoma Libertarian


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