And for the guys with direct faith that the government…will save America and its people…I would ask how the record has been so far… Nope…don’t expect anything but the “Illusion Of Security…”

Yep, call for a cop, an ambulance and a pizza and see which one arrives first. The cops are not going to help you–the law actually says that they are not obligated to protect any individual.  

Besides, the State’s costumed emissaries of officially sanctioned violence are too busy beating the shit out of our citizens to worry much about us mere mundanes. — jtl,419



I am sometimes astounded at the fools that are charged with running the most powerful countries on earth.  Well…OK…more than sometimes.  They keep making the same assumptions and the same mistakes.  The issue of the moment of course, is ISIS.  The new Al Queda, or so it seems.  One wonders if the USA had acted otherwise, and followed a more “distance from disorder” mode, if ISIS would have ever come to be, but that is for debate another time.

The debate is now about the ISIS threat to the western world.  Here is what we know.

1).  The existence of the USA is always going to be a threat to groups like ISIS.  They see the world in two distinct sections.  Ours incidentally is the world of the infidels and its their job…if they believe what they are told by their leaders…to make war upon us.  Whether for political reasons, religious reasons, or a combination of the two, it is clear and has been since 1492 – we can’t get along with those guys.

2).  Many on our side see themselves are Johnny Good-Citizen or Sally-Sunday-School who will never lie, cheat, or steal, much less discriminate against anyone just because its their belief that Johnny and Sally should die by beheading.  Sally and Johnny incidentally raise their little darlings to be equally accepting and non-judgmental, and to play with Barney the Dinosaur.

Conversely, the opposition sees it as perfectly fine to lie, cheat, and steal as long as it is done to the infidel.  You can add sexual assault, and murder to the list.  And please don’t take my word for it…read their Ops Manual.  I’ve read it in two languages and nothing changes in the translation.  The opposition, by the way, is teaching their young to hate Americans and Jews, shoot Kalashnikovs and make bombs.


3).  Its easy to demonize the opposition as was done to the Germans and the Japanese during WW2 (I don’t think anyone worried about offending our enemies back then, but I digress).  But as unlikely as it is that modern and sensitive egalitarian America would ever stoop to such depths…it would be difficult since many of the opposition may be Americans, Aussies, or Brits.

Where someone is born is irrelevant in the Fourth Generation Warfare World as loyalties are given to ideologies and tribes, not so much to nations.  Thus the fact that a man was born in Denver has nothing to do with his likelihood of being a terrorist killer or not.

4).  And for the guyOBowArabs520s with direct faith that the government and His Royal Highness Barry will save America and its people from the next ISIS operatives sent to wreak havoc in Dar Al Kaffir, I would ask how the record has been so far in keeping undesirables out and taking any stand against the Tango Incursions that have taken place since 2012. Nope…don’t expect anything but the “Illusion Of Security” and heartfelt compassion with hashmarks for any victims. I am really apolitical these days, but simply examine reality.

What to do?  Wait…we have only established what we know…the lay of the battle space if you will.  Lets look at what might be most likely.  How do we do that?  Simple.  Past actions are the best indication of future actions.  Basic tactical study.

The opposition likes to blow things up.  We know this from studying their past actions.  We also know that since 9/11 the ability for bad guys to procure any type of high grade explosives has been severely impaired.  Sure, we enjoy the episodes of 24 with the bad guys having bio hazards and dirty nukes and all of that, but that takes a great deal of work and a great deal of risk to set up.  Agreed?

OK…so what else do these guys favor…other than blowing up themselves in front of women and children?


The next best thing in their book…according to past practices has been to show up in a group to a soft target and shoot the hell out of the infidels.  Think Mumbai…think Nairobi. Low entry fee for a few rifles and some ammo.  Everyone keeps their mouths shut until showtime.  Look at the photo above.  This is from the Nairobi Mall killings.  The little boy’s parents are dead.  Shot by one of the terrorists.  That is the sort of thing that I expect.  Impossible to stop, and impeccable in its horror factor.

So…now we can get to the “What We can Do Phase”


1).  Understand the reality that you may be the one there…and you may be the one that saves the day and not the authorities.  Its not your job to hide and get shot under the desk.  What an image for your family to remember you by.  “My dad died hiding under the desk”.

No. Not acceptable in my world.

I assume if you are reading this that you are not one of those “average ccw guys”, but rather a self-selected fighter.  So here is the deal.  If you are going to die, and there is a real possibility in an ISIS-sponsored active shooter event, do you want to die under the desk, or do you want to try and kill as many of them as you can first?  I vote for number two!  If you are successful at number two, you may not have to die at all.

2).  Get in shape.  The physically fit are much harder to kill, and much better at killing than the physically lazy and slothful.  Do you think the ISIS guys are lifting weights and doing crossfit stuff?  I bet they are.  So put down the bucket of chicken and go lift something heavy.  This is not about getting your cholesterol numbers down.  Its about being able to physically pick up a man and throw him over the railing and onto the mall floor three flights below.

3).  Carry enough gun and enough ammo.  I added another 17 round magazine to my walking around loadout just before typing this.  If you love sporting that Kel-Tec Zimmerman gun…or that ever so svelte Glock 42, consider facing a group of hard and trained terrorists unexpectedly.  You have the drop on them but only for so long.  What sort of pistol do you want to go fight that war with?  That is what you need to take with you every day.

What do I carry? A Glock 19 with an RMR and three Glock 17 magazines loaded with Corbon DPX.

4).  Understand that in an ISIS-sponsored event similar to Nairobi or Mumbai, typical CCW engagement common knowledge does not apply.  Its not about stopping a threat, containing a threat, or diffusing anything.  It is about killing them as fast as you can, from behind if possible, and placing another three rounds in the face as you pass their corpse.  (He may not be dead and their Ops manual discusses setting off explosives if shot). You should not have to say a word either before or after shooting.

There may be more, but I don’t want to turn this into a James Clavell novel.  I think it is simply a matter of time in this perfect storm of political ineptitude, terrorist aggression, and political correctness from the authorities.  So let us be up to task if, by happenstance, we happen to be at ground zero when they decide to test our cultural resolve.


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