Illegal Search & Seizure

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COMMENT: Don’t you think the government should be able to get access to someone’s contacts if it helps solve a crime?

REPLY: You act as if no crime could have been solved before smart-phones. The old fashion way way back in ancient times before smart-phones, you had to go to a judge and tap someone’s phone and give just cause. Today, they just seize everyone’s phone calls and store everything. What you ASSUME is that everyone who works for government is honorable. James Otis in his speech that moved John Adams put it this way warning that “the liberty of every man [was being placed] in the hands of every petty officer.”

I just flew to Florida. Some TSA agent enjoys the power trip. My checked bag was broken into the lock and two zippers were just cut off destroying the bag. I say this bluntly because I was not the only one. At least 6 other bags were destroyed the same way. US Air says they do not cover zippers. US Air said TSA should have put a slip in there to notify that they inspected the bag. There was no slip in anyone’s bags. Sorry, this is the petty officer enjoying power. It is what Snowden has warned, anyone can type in your name and it all comes up. They can be bribed by an adversary, or they may just be your adversary. IT IS WRONG!

Planet Apes Beech

They solved crimes before 911 and smartphones. This power-trip is destroying everything that made LIBERTY something to be proud of. LIBERTY is indeed buried with the sands of time and it is destroying American technology. Comey can only see his personal power. What did the FBI do before smartphones?


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