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Thank a vet or a cop. (Tongue in cheek.) — jtl, 419  [The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick] The criminals in federal and local government will steal your money, even if you’re a law-abiding citizen. Don’t … Continue reading

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IRS Can Seize Your Assets Even If It Just Suspects You Committed a Crime

 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increasingly used the process called civil asset forfeiture to seize the assets — including bank accounts — of people suspected of being engaged in criminal activity, even if no criminal charges are filed. So … Continue reading

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The Many Ways the State Taxes the Poor

vi Mises Daily: by Julian Adorney Most defenders of the state assume that government services help the poor. And, sometimes, some poor people do benefit financially from government programs. But there’s a hidden cost: taxation and mandatory programs (Social Security, for … Continue reading

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Why Do We Keep Thanking the Troops?

Don’t “thank” me for my service. I didn’t do anything that anybody should be thankful for. I did a lot of things we all should be ashamed of. — jtl, 419 by Rory Fanning via TomDispatch  [Note for TomDispatch Readers: … Continue reading

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America, this is your war on drugs.

via Reason Magazine  The little corrupt town of Alpine, TX is in the big corrupt county of Brewster–one of the most isolated areas in the uSSA. I suppose our proximity to Mexico is the reason but I’d bet you can’t … Continue reading

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Public Accommodation and Social Engineering

…dictating who business owners must serve, “public accommodation” as expressed in the Civil Rights Act turns business owners into mere managers (instead of owners) of their respective businesses, legally forbidden from determining for themselves which customers they will serve. If … Continue reading

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Secession Growing—Here?

“…there is a “growing movement” for secession that is “deeply American:” “Americans who embrace secession are acting in the grand American tradition,” most especially the original departure from Great Britain…” And we will never forget the 600,000 (plus) Americans murdered … Continue reading

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A Southerner Repents: A Confession

A great poke at the “morally superior” Yankee. If you don’t know what that is all about, you need to read Thomas DeLorenzo’s  books. — jtl, 419  by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything The Rappahannock. ViFoto My sins creep … Continue reading

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Pussification: Boys Don’t Play ‘Soldier’ Anymore

Yep, it is all a part of the radical feminists’ castration of the American male. – jtl, 419 By D.W. Wilber via Townhall Whatever happened to war heroes ? As a small boy I remember watching over and over with rapt … Continue reading

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FedGov Slackers: $775 Million in Paid Leave for “Disciplinary Action”

Oh well, not a single one of the parasites produce anything of any economic value even when they are ON the job. Easy come, easy go (especially if you own a printing press). — jtl, 419 by Gary North of The … Continue reading

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