MVT CTT/Mobility-Convoy Class, Brady, Texas 18-22 Feb 2015

Some of you may be interested. — jtl, 419

There are spaces available on a private combined Combat Team Tactics / Mobility Convoy Tactical Operations Class running near Brady, Texas 18-22 February 2015.

The organizer has asked me to throw it open for enrollment. The training will take place on a private ranch.

This is a 5-day combined CTT/Mobility-Convoy course.

The course design will start with a variation on the Combat Team Tactics Class and move on to include vehicle / convoy movement and tactics.

The course design will follow a progression in outline:

  • Weapons Manipulation.
  • Individual Reaction Drills.
  • Pairs and Team Fire and Movement.
  • Pairs and Team Break Contact Drills.
  • Squad Attack.
  • Vehicle / Convoy Movement.
  • React to Contact Mounted / Actions On.
  • Break Contact vehicle(s) immobilized / dismounted.

Cost: $1500 per student.

Round Count: 1500.

A $500 deposit secures your place in this class. The deposit is non-refundable but returnable if class minimum is not met/class cancelled by MVT. Deposit checks will be cashed once class minimum is met.  The balance of payment is required 30 days in advance of the class date.

Payments can be mailed to the MVT UPS Mailbox address (Max Velocity Tactical, 7371 Atlas Walk Way #122, Gainesville, VA 20155) in cash, money order or check made out to Max Velocity Tactical.

Enclose a note with your payment with the intended class and your email address + send a follow up email –

We will need your email address to send class information to.

For more info, you can also contact the organizer at


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