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The Neocon Menace

Despite having vast power, the neocons seem to be in perpetual anxiety. They’re like fleas on a beautiful dog—constantly worried about being scratched off. Within the confines of contemporary politics, there is no such thing anymore as a true old … Continue reading

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LA Times Absurdity: The ‘Enemy Within’ Is Cultivated by Fedgov Gridlock

 We never heard anyone say, “Gee, I’m so frustrated over the lack of laws being passed that I hope a dictator comes along and passes more of them.” Gridlock in Washington, District of Criminals is a very good thing. — … Continue reading

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The Latest FATCA Propaganda & Atrocities

BANKS REQUIRING NON US-CITIZENS TO COMPLETE US TAX FORMS But, but, but…they hate us because we’re free, right? Any bunch of bastards this arrogant do not deserve to exist. — jtl, 419 [The following post is written by Director of … Continue reading

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‘You’re Either a Cop or Little People’: The American Police State in 2014

We’ve been sodomized, victimized, jeopardized, demoralized, traumatized, stigmatized, vandalized, demonized, polarized and terrorized, often without having done anything to justify such treatment. Blame it on a government mindset that renders us guilty before we’ve even been charged, let alone convicted, … Continue reading

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The Biggest, Baddest Gang in Town

…police abuse actually has precious little to do with the unique character of any individual officer. Rather, it is a symptom of much larger structural deficiencies which create perverse incentive frameworks and allow officers to commit crimes with impunity, operating … Continue reading

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Yep, and because some old tenured for life, wannabe transvestite in a black nighty said so. — jtl, 419 [The following post is by TDV Contributor, Wendy McElroy] Ignorance of the law is an excuse…if you are a cop. American police … Continue reading

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Environmentalism in the Light of Menger and Mises

This is a must read for anyone interested in a real and lasting solution to the liberty and property rights destroying ideas of “radical environmentalism.” — jtl by George Reisman from the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Volume 5, No 2 (Summer 2002).  … Continue reading

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The Zombiefication Of America

Our society is breaking down in thousands of different ways, and we can see the evidence of this all around us. And if you can’t, you are blind. — jtl, 419 By Michael Snyder via End of the American Dream      … Continue reading

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Ex NYPD Cop Admits ‘We Planted Evidence, Framed Innocent People’ All For Arrest Quotas

This is what makes me crazy when I see someone try to defend these dimwitted costumed thugs.  Just this morning I read on a statist indoctrinated face book page suggestions that the cops take leave en mass or even resign in mass so … Continue reading

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China to Start Payments With Russia in National Currencies on December 29

So, did the uS government invade Iraq to save the world and all the little children? No, it invaded Iraq because Sodomy Insane had plans to start up his own oil markets in his own currency. This is just another … Continue reading

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