Chicago Cops Use Stingray to Bust First and Fourth Amendments


Chicago Cops Use Stingray to Bust First and Fourth Amendments

Image Credits: Youtube

Police rolled out a Fourth Amendment busting Stingray on Friday during an Eric Garner protest in the Windy City.

View image on TwitterStingrays are often used to track the location of users. However, during the Garner protest, it appears the police used it as a denial of service device.

Activists use cell phones and social media to organize “flash mob” style protests to keep ahead of police.

Police use of the illegal cell phone tracking device is funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security. Stingrays are often loaned out to police departments by the FBI.

The FBI and the Justice Department admit using the device is illegal under the Communications Act. The feds also admit the devices are “sufficiently intrusive to constitute a search under the Fourth Amendment if Defendant has a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Despite the illegality of the technology, an FBI agent admitted Stingray devices are routinely used to collect data on “innocent, non-target devices.”

Law enforcement and the feds claim the device, purportedly designed as an ant-terrorism tool, is used primarily in routine criminal investigations.

However, as the video below demonstrates, police at a fusion center in Chicago used a Stingray to gather information on the movement of protesters.

The federal government and its increasingly federalized local law enforcement partners are not concerned with criminal behavior.

As the take down of Occupy and other political movements by the feds in coordination with local police reveals, Stingray technology is designed to disrupt and neutralize political opponents who threaten the power and authority of the state.

This is the real threat to the state, not drug dealers or even far-flung jihadi terrorists.


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