Videos of black violence expose the Big Lie of MLK Day and “Selma”

So, if you live in, or plan to visit, one of these urban hell holes, what can (should) you do? 1) move or cancel your trip. 2) Order a copy of my Combat Shooter’s Handbook.  3)Follow the recommendations for the purchase of a suitable firearm (if you do not already have one). 4) Study the tactics and practice the drills. 5) Continuously train your skills and continue to learn. 6) Never leave home without a weapon. — jtl, 419

From Colin Flaherty via White Girl Bleed a Lot

Here are a few videos you might be interested in watching and sharing.

Here’s a video of some recent black mob violence close to Martin Luther King Day and the opening of the movie Selma. All asking one question: Where’s all white on black violence we keep hearing about every day on the news?   Check it our here.

Here’s an unbelievable story from the Rochester area.  A black woman punches a 70-year old white woman in the face. Knockout Game. Watch what happens next.

And if you want a story of racial crime and violence with a happy ending, check this one out.

Here’s an oldie but goodie about a family in Savannah  that was a victim of large scale black mob violence. And how the mayor tried to blame them.


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