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FitRep Update

Due to updated information, I think I might have been conned. While we were there, the Medical Center Hospital’s computer system went down. SOP when the Dr comes in: We pull up the Ct pics and discuss them. We didn’t … Continue reading

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The American public is being conditioned to accept an “emergency-based” military-police state command structure which ranges outward from DHS through the Pentagon, FEMA and the Department of Justice, and uses Fusion Centers to coordinate the profiling of dissent among the … Continue reading

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Free: Gatto’s Underground History of American Education

John Taylor Gatto is MUST reading for anyone who has school aged children or grand-children. After reading it, you will understand fully why we call them “Mandatory Government Propaganda Camps.” To put a child into one of these child prisons is … Continue reading

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Mass media desperate to rescue debunked feminist narrative by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON via InfoWars“> Having lost the debate, radical feminists are being helped by the corporate media to portray themselves as victims of hate speech in a move to … Continue reading

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Fit Rep

We went to the Neuro-surgeon’s office yesterday for the 12 week check. Not much to report except that there is “at least some sign” that healing has begun. Going to be in the head boot for “at least” another 6 … Continue reading

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Keep The NSA Out Of Your Email – Avoid Unwarranted NSA Surveillance

by Bill Rounds Esq. from How to Vanish The NSA can read your emails, listen to your phone calls, see all of your purchases, and look at your library records without a warrant.  They so extensively monitor your activity that … Continue reading

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Is Your Computer Hard Drive Hiding an NSA Spy Program?

“I have long viewed this as one of the most important stories in the Snowden archive because it puts a face on the NSA’s surveillance overreach and illustrates, yet again — that domestic spying abuses usually target minorities, marginalized groups, … Continue reading

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Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths, Zero Measles Deaths, Since ’04

But the State MUST make its point–your children belong to them, NOT to you. Have you noticed that there have been NO mainstream media stories that say anything about this side of the story? It’s “balanced reporting” don’t you know? … Continue reading

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Report: New Gov Regulations Will Ban “Common AR-15″ Ammunition

The surprising (and puzzling) thing is that they haven’t gone after the ammo more than they have. I’m old enough to remember when you had to sign for the purchase of ammo (late 50s, early 60s). — jtl, 419  Originally … Continue reading

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The Open Jihad

This is an enemy that no nation-state with its rigidity will ever be able to defeat. That is what I mean when I say, the government needs to put down its collective pencil, turn the lights out and go home. They … Continue reading

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