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University of Texas at Austin Student Government votes to remove statue of Jefferson Davis

Every one of these stupid bastards need to be informed of their gross ignorance of American history–and especially the most lied about part of that history–the War of Yankee Aggression. Especially UT Alumni should firmly iform them that they are … Continue reading

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How Long America? In Which the Unthinkable is Thunk

 What can Washington do if states and regions simply go their own way? If large numbsr of people stop paying income taxes, say? One tax evader can be arrested. Fifty thousand cannot. A problem for the feds is that if … Continue reading

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Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

 We just continue to take even more steps along the road toward World War III, and it is a war that the United States is completely and utterly unprepared for. I lived for 50 years in the shadow of a … Continue reading

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Seventy-Two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Boston

In many ways, we are sitting on a tinderbox with millions of people frantically arming themselves and laying in supplies while the government does the same thing with its ever-growing ‘internal security’ forces. Nerves are on edge, and you can … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence

 Adding fuel to this insanity fire is the tragic/comedic myth that the reason for their collective life failures and the gross decay of their communities is due to white people. News Flash, if it was not for the Western European … Continue reading

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Where’s the Outrage?

When the president violates the Constitution and the Congress and courts do nothing to stop him, we have effectively amended the Constitution with a wink and a nod — by consent, if you will. Its guarantees of liberty are only … Continue reading

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New Trend: ‘Radically Inclusive’ Churches That Embrace All Religions And All Lifestyles

The Clergy betrayed liberty a long, long time ago. Egalitarianism really IS a “revolt against nature.” It is simply NOT NATURAL for all types of cultures to voluntarily associate in an “all inclusive” way.  — jtl, 419 By Michael Snyder … Continue reading

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A Lack of Freedom Is Destroying the Middle Class, Not Chinese Competition

Eventually we are advised … China’s wages and benefits will catch up to the West’s and then it will not be such a formidable wage competitor. …there is another solution…Get rid of Western (domestic) legislative and judicial manipulations that have … Continue reading

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Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals: So They Can “Seize the Funds… Investigate”

In 2012 law enforcement agencies seized $4.2 billion in assets from Americans. In most cases the money, homes, cars or other assets were seized without probable cause, warrants, charge or trial. Actually, even before the draconian “asset forfeiture” laws, it … Continue reading

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The Scene of the Crime: A reporter’s journey to My Lai and the secrets of the past.

 “I thought President Johnson and the Congress knew what we were doing in Vietnam… Within three months, all the ideals I had as a patriotic Georgia boy were shattered, and I began to question who we were as a nation,” … Continue reading

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