The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence

 Adding fuel to this insanity fire is the tragic/comedic myth that the reason for their collective life failures and the gross decay of their communities is due to white people.

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps InstituteNews Flash, if it was not for the Western European (or his methods) the rest of the world would still be digging tubers out of the ground with a pointed stick.

This is a beautiful example of not only how the government’ cops can not and will not protect you. And not only that, they are a threat to all decent people. — jtl, 419

By Colin Flaherty via American Thinker

Combat Shooter's HandbookThey didn’t count on the Old White Dude with a bat.

But when 55-year old Eddie Motley saw ten black people beating, stomping, kicking, and punching his neighbor and her two teenage boys, and The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other Misfitslaughing about it, he did not dial 911.

He grabbed a baseball bat and charged.

“Eddie hit the bat on the ground and told them to get off of us,” said Gina Herring, who was observing Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian Viewthe assault from the fetal position amid a tangle of kicking boots in front of her Concord, North Carolina home.  “If Eddie didn’t step in, I am sure my boys and I would be dead.  I was the most scared I have ever been in my life.”

The Essence of Liberty: Volume I: Liberty and History: The Rise and Fall of the Noble Experiment with Constitutionally Limited Government (Liberty and ... Limited Government) (Volume 1) The Essence of Liberty: Volume II: The Economics of Liberty (Volume 2) The Essence of Liberty: Volume III: A Universal Philosophy of Political Economy (Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic) (Volume 3) One of the attackers said he had a gun and was going to “blow my head off,” said Herring.  “Another, a A Handbook for Ranch Managers Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual 14-year-old named Nijel, said ‘I’m tired of y’all white people killing my brothers,’ then he spit on me.”

Herring met Nijel and several other members of the mob three months before when she moved into the neighborhood.  Her teenage boys had invited them over to play videogames.

“I made them all grilled cheese sandwiches,” Herring said.  “But after they left, we discovered they had stolen several things from our house.  So we did not invite them back.”

But they came back anyway, once trying to break in, not knowing that Herring’s son was at home.

Finally, after three months, on March 16, Nigel and a 16-year-old girl met Herring’s 14-year-old son at the bus stop, threatening him with violence.  “They chased him to our house, saying ‘get that white boy, get that white boy,’” Herring said.

Herring’s other son ran outside to defend his younger brother.  The group of two attackers swelled to ten, many much older.  Gina Herring is now charged with a crime for trying to pull the attackers off her sons, before getting knocked to the ground herself.

Enter the Old White Dude with the bat.  “I yelled, ‘Stop, stop,’” Motley told the local Fox affiliate.  “But they would not stop.”

Several members of the mob, including 18-year-old Isaiah Faggert, let Mr. Motley know they did not appreciate his interference in what, up until then, was a standard case of black-on-white hyper-violence, involving characters with the standard Facebook posts glorifying – and bragging about – crime, violence, drugs, and the thug life.

On Faggert’s page, the grinning young man shows off his gold dental grill and tats.  “Fear Me,” said one.  All on full display when “they went to attack Motley and they busted out the windows on his car and house,” as Herring put it.

Mr. Motley then hit Mr. Faggert in the face with the bat, breaking his jaw and taking all the fight out of Faggert, and the other nine members of the mob as well.  All with one swing.

That is when the media and public officials gathered around Motley and congratulated him for his heroism.  For saving the damsel in distress from a case of wicked racial violence.

Oh, yeah – that last part did not happen.

In fact, when police arrived, they arrested Motley for assault.  Ditto for Gina Herring.  A couple of members of the mob were also served with warrants.

The local media ate it up, especially the TV news station with the anchor who is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists, who took turns manufacturing outrage with the black reporter who could scarcely believe the bad things that had been visited on the angelic Mr. Faggert.

Soon after, Faggert’s mother got into the act.  It was all a big misunderstanding, she said on Facebook.  Her son was alternately trying to help his “little cousin” as Herring and her two boys beat them unmercifully.  Or her son was trying rescue the Herring family from an unmerciful mob beating.

Either way, her son was the victim of a hate crime at the hands of the evil Eddie Motley, who targeted her son only because he was black.  Another Trayvon.  Another Michael Brown.  This is a long list.  And as for that mishmash of recent charges against him for drugs and violence, well, that’s easily explained, too – a result of more of the same racism relentlessly directed at black people.

She insists that Isaiah – Zay – was not an eager participant in another episode of black mob violence, the kind documented in that scintillating best-seller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

The book has a chapter documenting victims of black mob violence charged with a crime after defending themselves.

Soon the rest of Concord and the region picked up the drum beat of victimization: this was just another example of relentless white racism and violence, directed at black people, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.

“He was beaten by a 55-year old KKK member while he was trying to help his cousin who was being pushed around,” said one friend of the family on Facebook.  “This wasn’t Ferguson. This was right here in Concord.”

Of course, Motley is not a member of the Klan.  Even so, the posting garnered at least 11,688 shares on Facebook.

The threats followed soon after: “Let’s set their house on fire,” suggested one supporter of the Faggert family.

Others posted Motley’s address, with an admonition: “It’s clear the police didn’t do much,” said one.  Motley is “continuing to show his hatred by continuing his attacks on this woman’s kids. I’m starting to believe in the popular saying ‘protect and kill’ because I don’t see too many innocent people being served. Racism is very much alive.”

“It’s war now,” said Isaiah’s mom.

Soon after the assault, the usual suspects had the usual community meeting to complain about the usual relentless white racism and violence.  But this time with a twist: the organizer of the Justice for Zay rally had to hold the meeting in a white church because he said all of the black churches were afraid of church bombings.

Which apparently happen all the time whenever black people complain about the relentless white racism and violence against them.  And anyone who knew anything about Martin or Malcolm or Tupac or any of the other icons cited at the rally would know that.

Since the assault, large groups of black people have been congregating near the homes of Motley and Herring, threatening and throwing things at them.

Motley has had to call the police several times.  His landscaping business is suffering after the adverse publicity.

Gina Herring has pulled her children out of school because of the threats, and several of her friends have opened a account for Motley and her to cover their legal expenses.  And her moving costs.

For psychologist Marlin Newburn, this racial violence and denial all have a familiar – and disturbing – ring.

“The worst elements of the black community, and those that use them for power and profit, now know they have widespread (and mindless) support and defense for whatever violence they feel the impulse to commit,” Newburn said.

“In the eyes of this black mob, Ferguson – and the glaring national support, defense, and even adoration of the thug Michael Brown – proves that lying works as they assault non-blacks with a now-perceived impunity. The highest levels of government continues to speak on behalf of Brown, a violent young black man who was assaulting a police officer, even though said government found the officer did nothing wrong. This is gross aiding and abetting of racial violence like this.”

In light of thirty years as a court-appointed psychologist and prison psychologist, this episode of black mob violence in Concord is not Newburn’s first rodeo: “Through the MSM, the popular culture, and liberals in government, the message to black people for years has been that they are not responsible for their actions, nor will there be serious consequences for their violent behavior.”

“The result of this has been disastrous for black people.  To the assailants in this crime, their violent assault was righteous, and now know they are backed up all the way to the White House.  Adding fuel to this insanity fire is the tragic/comedic myth that the reason for their collective life failures and the gross decay of their communities is due to white people.”

“They had no conscience as they inflicted great violence on these helpless people, and they attacked because they believe they have legitimate license to do so.”

Colin Flaherty is the scintillating and best selling author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps InstituteAll unclassified Army and Marine Cops manuals and correspondence courses are products of the US Federal Government. They are NOT subject to copyright and can be freely copied and redistributed.

The Marine Corps Institute (MCI) develops correspondence courses for Marines with all kinds of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) on all manner of subjects. This is one of those courses.

The print is relatively small because that is the way it was in the original and this is an exact reproduction. Also, as a tribute to the individual (and a touch of reality), you will notice that the editorial pencil marks and underlined passages that were put there by the Marine that took this course. They were intentionally left in the reproduction.

This version of the course was authorized in September of 1984. With the exception the development of Infrared technology, it contains information and techniques that have changed very little since the Vietnam war. These battle proven tactics are as valid today as they were in Quang Nam province in 1968.

They will maintain their validity during the upcoming inevitable event of total economic, political and social collapse. Yours for freedom in our lifetimes. jtl, 419

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