The meaning of “419”

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsI am often asked why I put the numbers “419” behind my initials. Here is the answer.

419 stands for April 19th—a date upon which occurred several important events associated with the fight against tyranny.

Combat Shooter's HandbookThe first was the “shot heard ‘round the world” at Concord Bridge in 1775.

The final assault on the Jewish Warsaw ghetto (1943) and the coup d’etat in Laos (1964) occurred on this day.

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps InstituteMore recently April 19, 1993 was the date when the final assault on and murder of the Branch Dividians in Waco, Texas occurred.

It was also the date in 1995 of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian ViewDid you happen to notice how, all day yesterday, the proletariat was bombarded by the propaganda machine (aka mainstream media) with bleeding heart, quivering lipped gushing stories about OKC but never mentioned any of the others? Does that surprise you? Do you understand why? If you do, you are one of us.

It wasn’t that many years ago when April 19 was celebrated as “Patriots Day.”

Yours for freedom in our lifetimes.

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Land and Livestock International, Inc. is a leading agribusiness management firm providing a complete line of services to the range livestock industry. We believe that private property is the foundation of America. Private property and free markets go hand in hand—without property there is no freedom. We also believe that free markets, not government intervention, hold the key to natural resource conservation and environmental preservation. No government bureaucrat can (or will) understand and treat the land with as much respect as its owner. The bureaucrat simply does not have the same motives as does the owner of a capital interest in the property. Our specialty is the working livestock ranch simply because there are so many very good reasons for owning such a property. We provide educational, management and consulting services with a focus on ecologically and financially sustainable land management that will enhance natural processes (water and mineral cycles, energy flow and community dynamics) while enhancing profits and steadily building wealth.
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