Kill Google’s Tracking

by Gary North


Let’s say that you use Gmail regularly. (I don’t.)

Let’s say that you sign in to Gmail and forget to log out. (Don’t.)

Have you ever noticed the box underneath the “Sign in” box? “Stay signed in.”
It has been pre-checked for you. (Uncheck it.) Then sign in. Not until.)

Let’s say that you do Web searches when you are signed in. (Don’t.)

Google records your searches. It stores them.

Google tracks the videos you have watched. It stores them.

If you use a Chromebook, everything is recorded and stored.

You can use an obscure Google feature to find out exactly what information
Google has on you. The details are here:

The good news is that you can clear these records and pause them. (Do it.)

You will also want to use this.

Always sign out when you are finished with your email. I have prepared a short
video on how to do this.


There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

There ain’t no such thing as free email.

Know what you are really paying — reduced privacy.

Gary “Signed Out” North
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