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Is martial law justified if ISIS attacks?

Maybe I am connecting dots that are not dots, but it seems to me that the timing of ISIS warnings, the re-ignition of economic downturn in 2014/2015, the global shift away from the dollar, and Jade Helm are not entirely … Continue reading

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Texas Only Pretends to Be Conservative

This could have been a textbook illustration of small-government conservatism, the kind proclaimed by the state’s Republicans. They demand Washington keep its hands off Texas. In the next breath, they use their legislative power to smash Texans who dare resist … Continue reading

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‘We the People’ Need to Circle the Wagons: The Government Is on the Warpath

 In an age of overcriminalization, where the average citizen unknowingly commits three crimes a day, and even the most mundane activities such as fishing and gardening are regulated, government officials are constantly telling Americans what not to do. I attended … Continue reading

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Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry

 The terror knows no boundaries. It takes holidays, but it takes them hostage, for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and even Christmas Day have repeatedly been occasions for mass property destruction, brutal beatings, stabbings, and shootings. And beaches, parades, … Continue reading

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Note to a Generic Pentagon General:A Cause of Delayed-Nausea Syndrome

What I figure, General, is you ought to set an example for the troops by wearing panties and a bra… A good officer–we had some–doesn’t order his men to do anything he himself wouldn’t do. Walk a Mile in Her … Continue reading

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Coming Home From The War On Terror

 The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly … Continue reading

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Obama Bans Machine Guns, Tanks, Grenade Launchers Going to Local Cops

 The decision is a big step against police militarization.   Well, “our” African Fly Farm Dictator has managed to do one and only one “good” thing during his entire 8 hear rein of terror. — jtl, 419 Anything Peaceful by … Continue reading

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And the good news is…

(Hopefully the last) update: I saw my neurosurgeon in Odessa, TX yesterday. And he liberated me from that godawful albatross I’ve been wearing on my head for the past 6 months. My very stubborn C-2 has finally healed. Ou rah! … Continue reading

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10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

For years, activists who feared a sinister globalist corporatocracy were told they were being paranoid. Maybe they were, and whether you want to call it the New World Order or not: they were right.   Thank you WikiLeaks–jtl, 419 by … Continue reading

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Domestic War Machine: Look At All This Armor The Government Is Moving For Jade Helm Military Exercises

Military, law enforcement and government officials say these types of exercises are just business as usual and there’s no imminent crisis approaching. It’s a typical response from a bureaucracy that has been labeled the most secretive in history.. Actually, it … Continue reading

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