Racist Thug Guns Down Three in Atlanta

Racist Thug Guns Down Three in Atlanta by DailyKenn.com

Commentary by Craig Maus, President, The Confederate Society of America

  The Double-Standard is as appalling as it is Obvious.

As such, the Hypocrisy that is akin to it allows for the Enemy from Within to advance their odious Ideology under the guise of UnFairness, allowing for more Socialized mechanisms to be IMPLANTED.

Using Humanitarianism as a ‘cause celeb’ is the oldest Marxist trick in the book.

And America has Swallowed this sanctimonious puke lock, stock & proverbial barrel thanks to the government’s National Education Department (created in the 1970’s) that BELCHES this crap while using our Tax Money to advance its Diatribe!

State ‘public schools’ NO longer TEACH- they merely echo that which they are told to ‘Teach’ less their Central-National government subsidies are withheld.

Thus a Foreign Ideology spreads like a shroud encompassing one and all divorcing them from ALL REALITY & historical truth.

This country NO more looks like the Republic of old than does a skunk look like a snake.

Thus BULL-SHIT trumps REALITY and the People become ‘fodder for the political cannons’  that supposedly NEVER existed.

By the Eternal, but WE MUST SEPARATE!

For God, family and the Restoration of The Republic of the Original Confederation,

Craig Maus, President

The Confederate Society of America


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