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by Colin Flaherty via Colin Flaherty Youtube WRONG HOOD BITCH. That’s the mistake the white woman made in this video. And why she had to pay.” target=”_blank”> It’s called Routine Activity Theory: White people in black neighborhoods are  subject to vicious … Continue reading

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US Markets “Feel Sick” After Bernanke/Krugman Bet on Bull

 by Mike Finger  via Schiff Gold   Below is a short scene from Paul Krugman’s recent visit to the funny farm where they send Federal Reserve Chairmen when they retire. It’s an odd place, where the plants are overwatered until the … Continue reading

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The politician and the fascist state

The source of this crescendo of total moral breakdown is the paper money syndrome. Yep, starting with WWI, the Federal Reserve is what has enabled all the killing and maiming around the world they call “war” when it is really … Continue reading

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Article V of the Constitution

  As one would imagine, running a blog involves hearing a wide variety of responses, opinions and suggestions to and about what needs to be done about the mess we find ourselves in.  Some of them are pretty good and … Continue reading

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The Great Financial Catastrophe

 So the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-9 will now transcend into the Great Financial Catastrophe. This could very well involve a total reset or more likely a collapse of the world economy, financial system and world political system. And it … Continue reading

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(Only) “Black Lives Matter”

Originally posted on revisedhistory:
by Al Benson Jr. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with the emerging “Black Lives Matter” Movement the only lives that matter to those people are black lives. All the rest are…

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Ruby Ridge 23rd Anniv. of Federal Killings

I wonder how much controversy such a killing would excite nowadays. It is amazing how much further government prerogatives have stretched in the past two decades. And it is perhaps even more amazing how much more docile many Americans have … Continue reading

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Global Economic War?

For what it is worth. All I can say is what they say at the rodeo–get a deep seat and a far away look. It may be a very rough ride. — jtl, 419        FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS … Continue reading

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Overthrowing the Regime

…let’s call it the “Original” Right, the right wing as it existed from 1933 to approximately 1955. This Old Right was formed in reaction against the New Deal, and against the Great Leap Forward into the leviathan state that was … Continue reading

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Ashley Madison hack names 15,000 US government workers

 And that is not to mention the thousands at other levels of government. Of course, that should not surprise anybody. Government jobs tend to attract perverts and the criminally minded. It is the nature of the work–unlimited revenue at the … Continue reading

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