What Can We Expect from the Next Democrat Socialist President

 Socialism is inevitably the welfare state because people don’t and won’t work only for the welfare of anonymous others. The State can’t make them and the consequence of that is shared misery as the producers work less and the takers take more.

And the hardest thing I have ever had to swallow is knowing that the uS government used to pay me to kill people who are just exactly like the people who are running the uS government. What a dupe I was! — jtl, 419

by S. Noble via the Independent Sentinel

contenders“It’s FREE” is the new slogan of the Democrat Socialist party. That was evident during the debate. So, if college is free, will the professors and staff all donate their services; if healthcare is free, will the nurses and doctors work for charity’s sake; and if money is free from the government, does that mean they have it growing on trees on the Capitol grounds? Oh, then it’s not FREE?

“Socialism is the gradual and less violent form of communism, and socialist is the project of the European Union, which was born in Maastricht in 1992. The intent was to save socialism in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the predictable bankruptcy of the welfare state in the West as well,”  former Soviet political dissident, author, and activist, Vladimir Bukovsky said. Bukovsky is now a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Socialism is inevitably the welfare state because people don’t and won’t work only for the welfare of anonymous others. The State can’t make them and the consequence of that is shared misery as the producers work less and the takers take more.

“We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added,” Reagan said. We should also measure the success of a state as a whole by how big their welfare system is.

If Bernie and Hillary have their way, the welfare state will grow far more than it has under Barack Obama. More food stamps, more people out of the workforce – it’s over 96 million now, more child care credits for people who don’t pay taxes – even those who work off the books.

Minimum wages could be $500 an hour, Bernie agreed half-seriously in one interview. “Why not?” What will doctors be paid then?

Income inequality has grown dramatically and the average wage has gone down beginning with Mr. Bush and accelerating by double under Mr Obama. The GDP is up 8% and median income is down 4.6%, according to the Census Bureau.

The Federal Reserve can’t raise interest rates because the economy has not grown as predicted, it has shrunk and an increase would be disastrous. If the Reserve tries to sell off their balance sheet, inflation could turn into stagflation. The Reserve has continued its bad monetary practices for seven years to make Barack Obama’s policies look good. The policies haven’t worked.

The Socialist welfare state has seriously damaged black society, once held together by a tight-knit, God-fearing family of industrious workers.

Blacks now participate in welfare at double the rate of whites. Black children are forced into gangs or choose the life as a way to make money which has led to a staggering loss of life. One in three black males will go to prison but the administration wants you to believe it’s not the gangs or the loss of hope because welfare has replaced jobs – it’s the racist system. How did he do so well then?

Abortion has killed 16 million black babies in the past forty years and 72% of black children live in broken homes. Black unemployment is higher than whites and the poverty rate is at 27%.

The figures came from an interesting article by Mary Ramirez at the blaze.

Any honest study of the situation can show a parallel between the decline of the black family and the rise of the entitlement welfare state in their communities. The leftist answer is to have HUD move people around neighborhoods like chess pieces but it won’t attack the problem the welfare state created.

Welfare was meant to be a temporary assist not the generations-long way of life it has become. Using blacks as an example does not mean it hasn’t been used by whites and hasn’t been equally destructive because it has. The left wants the new immigrants to buy into it also.

If you are not on welfare, you’ve inherited a lot of money or you have a job. A good job is more than just a paycheck. A good job allows people independence, self-reliance, a sense of responsibility, and contributes to society. A good job means self-respect, a sense of accomplishment and stature, it means a person can provide for the health and welfare of his/her family, own a home, and save for retirement.

Welfare means dependency, subjugation to the State, and does not contribute to society. It means you don’t provide for your family, own a home or save for retirement unless the State does it. There is no incentive, there is no need of it.

Bernie Sanders wants a peak tax rate as high as 90% and has praised the post-World War II tax levels that no rich person ever paid at the time – they sent their money overseas. He can’t spend other peoples’ earned income fast enough.

Bernie Sanders our Socialist/Communist presidential candidate and most of his comrades he “debated” on stage – Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee specifically – competed for the title of “free stuff” president should they be elected.

Have you ever given something to a child or a friend for free that went unappreciated? How will free college work? When people don’t have to earn their way and anyone can go, will it have the same value? To say nothing of the fact that all this free stuff is unsustainable.

The Washington Times computed the costs of the Democrat’s platform after the debate. Mrs. Clinton proposed $515 billion in new domestic spending over 10 years in the debate Tuesday night, on initiatives ranging from energy to education.

Sanders was the biggest spender on the debate platform. The NTU has calculated that Mr. Sanders’ agenda totals $1 trillion in annual spending increases, and that in the past six years he has supported spending at levels 17 times higher than that of the average Senate Democrat.

I have faith in Hillary, however, she was just getting started, and while she will play to her crony corporatist friends, she will bend to the will of the far-left.

Bernie and Hillary want free and universal pre-school where the State gets the children even younger and parents get less time with them. Good for society?

It would be the Life of Julia as promised during the 2012 campaign. They were serious about that model in which they described the American Julia as being taken care of by the State from birth to death and, as for anything she earned, that would have to go to the State, even after death.

It’s like a cult. You give them all your money and they care for you but you have to do what they say.

Free universal healthcare as a constitutional right is one of Bernie Sanders’ demands and Hillary once tried to put into place, but it didn’t work in Vermont though it was Governor Shumlin’s dream program.

When Bill Maher asked Bernie about its failure in Vermont while on Maher’s show a few days ago, Bernie said, “I’m not the Governor.”

Vermont was Hell-bent on becoming the model for Obamacare, and to that end Governor Peter Shumlin – along with his party’s total control of the legislature – had shifted into high gear to implement its socialized health care program.

According to a report by WCAX TV, a Bennington lawmaker discovered that the healthcare law called Green Mountain Care, regulated rates for private practices. It would have prevented private doctors from entering into a private contract with a patient, even if the state was not involved in the payment, which is what universal healthcare is.

The governor’s health care director, Robin Lunge, said we’re not establishing pay, just what rates are fair.

The law, as written allowed the government to determine “fair” as it relates to payment for private services.

Schulman considered how to pay for it by raising income tax rates to include an 11.5 percent payroll tax as well as an additional income tax ranging all the way up to 9.5 percent. He even considered taxing churches, service organizations, and anyone who uses break-open gambling tickets to raise funds for charitable causes.

The costs would have been astronomical and any future governor of the state of Vermont would always be engaged in a never-ending search for more funds to pay for it.

Shumlin in the end had to drop his plans, admitting that it’s not the right time to finance it and that it would be disastrous for the economy, the Daily Caller reported.

There is no such recognition from Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton nor is there a plan, just the promise.

Bernie wants much higher minimum wages so that even the most menial job and the least labored job pays off and the employee can live off it. It will come from the profits of the hard-working entrepreneur whose incentive will wither unless s/he can find a way to replace workers with machines.

Hillary too demands all company’s profits go to providing a “living wage”, the Karl Marx dream. As an example, she wants to burden Uber with regulations and demands such as paid vacation. There can be no start-up that doesn’t offer excessive benefits even if the workers employed by Uber are happy to have the job.

I’ve used Uber in New York City and the difference was $30 for the Medallion cab ride with tip and $11 for the same ride with tip with Uber. Every driver I spoke to said they love their job because they aren’t tied to the dispatcher who plays favorites. They said they were free and could work the hours they want.

Hillary has them in her sights.

Dodd-Frank has eliminated the smaller banks and consolidated them all into bigger banks that are too big to fail and that are weighted down by regulations making them enslaved to the State.

Bernie wants more of this and Hillary wants to save Capitalism “from itself.” A quote by Peter Boeltke, an economics and philosophy professor at the Austrian School, has a good answer for that. “If you bound the arms and legs of gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps, weighed him down with chain, threw him in a pool and he sank, you wouldn’t call it a ‘failure of swimming’. So, when markets have been weighted down by inept and excessive regulation, why call this a failure of Capitalism?”

Socialists or budding Socialists like the Democratic party contenders, claim the moral high ground. They are the ones who care about others and give generously but is Socialism universal empathy when it’s forced onto many unwilling participants to benefit those selected by the State?

Socialism is not kindness, love, generosity, equality as the so-called do-gooders would have you believe. It’s the redistribution of the rights over money and goods by the State. Capitalism is not love either, it’s the earning of rights over money and goods. One favors State control, the other looks to the individual.

There are kind Capitalists who give generously and there are stingy, selfish Socialists who take greedily from others. Which system encourages generosity? The one that allows for individual success or the one that provides for, not just the needy, but the leeches of society?

When the Democrat Socialist president completes the transformation, we won’t have any guns to fight off the criminals they created either, they’ll see to that too.

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