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‘WHITE CHRISTMAS’ Is Now Being Deemed THIS By The Lunatic Left

Folks, separation is our only option. — jtl, 419 by Wes Walker at Clash Daily As I write this, I’d like to dedicate a steaming-hot cup of STFU to all the self-righteous nanny-state supporters that portray religious-types as the official … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Bill To Ban NSA Activity Called the “Biggest Threat Since the Civil War”

A bill introduced in the New Hampshire House for the 2016 session would prohibit a federal-local surveillance collaboration that the NSA’s former chief technical director called the “biggest threat since the civil war.”   Me thinks that when we Texians secede, we … Continue reading

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Gun Control Executive Orders Expected Within Weeks

 White House communications director Jen Psaki told Bloomberg that within a matter of “weeks, not months” Obama will review the recommendations for executive orders he’s been given by the Department of Justice. Personally, I don’t plan on obeying any of … Continue reading

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What If Jesus Had Been Born 2,000 Years Later in the American Police State?

Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem to file their Form 1040.  By John W. Whitehead “Two thousand years later … the memory of the revolutionary zealot who walked across Galilee gathering an army of disciples with the goal … Continue reading

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The Left’s War on Christmas

Authoritarians attack all aspects of Western culture. And we need to get off of our knees and do something about it–offend every PC SOB you come into contact with. — jtl, 419 Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons. As Christmas day … Continue reading

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WHISTLEBLOWERS!: ‘The Greater Israel Project’ Explained by Ken O’Keefe

When did you ever know of an Irishman to pull his punches–in a pub fight or on youtube? — jtl, 419        FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS ON FACEBOOK Check out our WebSite Check out our e-Store The Essence of … Continue reading

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My up-close-and-personal Donald Trump experience

Don’t shoot the messenger. Unless you are very new to Anarcho-Capitalism, you know that I am a die hard An-cap. And, we all know that no An-Cap could ever be “elected” for president if, for no other reason, no An-Cap … Continue reading

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Intercepted Letter from the KKK: Understanding Useful Idiocy

Fred Reed has a firm grip on the raging culture war and a very entertaining way of passing it on. Enjoy. Also, below the main article there is a bonus–something that techies in particular will be interested. Everyone else needs … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”

US citizens have become the murderous neocons’ war on terror victims as well, terrorized by their own international crime cabal government and militarized police state that’s effectively stolen their freedom and civil liberties while the guilty treasonously continue violating sworn … Continue reading

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Tom-Lew Debate Autopsy

  The 5th Republican presidential debate was last night, December 15, 2015, and Lew and Tom are on the case. A few surprises and some good lines, but mostly horrifying, save for a few good moments from Rand, Ted. and Donald. … Continue reading

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