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Feds Enlist Schools in War on “Extremist” Children

 Much of the document sounds unhinged and downright preposterous. For example, the document frets about “violent propaganda,” suggesting the federal government now believes free speech can somehow be violent. The FBI scheme also warns that children are supposedly “embracing violent … Continue reading

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Libertarians for Trump

Source: Libertarians for Trump

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LA Notes: Latinos, Rockets, and…Ava!

 Anyway, profound anthropological observations: Anglos (which here means all whites) and Latinos get along well, apparently without much noticing that they are Latinos and Anglos. Browns work in stores, restaurants, drive cabs and trucks and do the ordinary things of … Continue reading

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No Wonder the Left Usually Wins–the Right is Nothing But a Hollow Shell

It’s a given than both Republican and Democratic Parties are nothing more than two wings on the same socialist, One World vulture and anyone who really trusts the Republicans to deliver the country from the clutches of the “liberal Democrats” … Continue reading

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The Pentagon Just Admitted It’s Been Deploying Military Drones Over the US to Spy on Americans

 The idea of US military drones flying over the heads of US citizens and monitoring them is ominous, which explains why the Pentagon has kept it secret — despite the contention of breaking no laws.   I own a small … Continue reading

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The Hidden People

The goal of the Forty-Eighters was to complete the socialist/communist revolution in this country that they had been unable to complete in Europe,and the Republican Party was the main vehicle that enabled them to do that. And if you think … Continue reading

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Reviving Napoleon’s Army: “Cry havoc, and let slip the Frogs of yore”

 Militaries  regularly underestimate the enemy and overestimate their own capacities. The reasons I think are several. One is that morale is important in war and a sober estimation of reality often does not conduce to high morale. For example, you do … Continue reading

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The Real Tragedy Is that the Presidency Matters

They had no large bureaucracy to control. There was no CIA, NSA, FBI, HUD, DHS, DOL, and so on. They didn’t exist and their functions didn’t exist. The Supreme Court didn’t do much. There was no IRS they could lean … Continue reading

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Oathkeeper Sheriff Blocks Feds From Raiding Local Farmer

“Many of our parents/grandparents drank raw milk and survived… Yep, I was 12 years old before I learned to stomach pasteurized milk. I drank an ocean full of raw milk–some of it even still warm because it was fresh out … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump’s Life in Danger?

Currently, Donald Trump has become not simply a potential threat, but a real and present danger to the globalist conspirators. Proof that Trump has become a nightmare for the conspirators is that he has been a subject of discussion at … Continue reading

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