Wall Street Journal: Abbott’s Strategy In Texas: 44 Lawsuits, One Opponent: Obama Administration

 The Essence of Liberty: Volume I: Liberty and History: The Rise and Fall of the Noble Experiment with Constitutionally Limited Government (Liberty and ... Limited Government) (Volume 1)Sometimes I’m so proud to be a Texan that it busts the buttons off of my shirt. — jtl, 419
by Dan Frosch and Jacob Gershman Wall Street Journal via Office of the Governor Greg Abbot

The Essence of Liberty: Volume II: The Economics of Liberty (Volume 2)    DALLAS—When a deadlocked Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President  Barack Obama’s plan to give millions of illegal immigrants a temporary reprieve from deportation, it marked a pivotal victory for the administration’s most relentless legal adversary: the state of Texas.

The Essence of Liberty: Volume III: A Universal Philosophy of Political Economy (Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic) (Volume 3)The president “is not a king who can unilaterally change and write immigration laws,” responded Republican Texas Gov.  Greg Abbott, whose myriad lawsuits against the Obama administration, including the state’s lead role in the immigration case, have been a trademark of his political career.

During Mr. Abbott’s first term as governor, and while he was state attorney general before that, Texas has challenged the president’s signature issues in court—tougher carbon-emission standards, health-care reform, transgender rights and others.

Combat Shooter's HandbookTexas has sued the Obama administration at least 44 times since the president took office—more than any other state over the same period. …

Amid congressional gridlock, arguably the most consequential power struggles are no longer fights between executive and legislative branches—but legal battles between states and the federal government. …

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps Institute For Mr. Abbott, a former Texas Supreme Court justice, the effort has helped burnish his conservative credentials in a state where the Tea Party holds considerable clout. The suits, along with a recent book tour promoting his personal story, have also bolstered Mr. Abbott’s role in captaining a red-state revolt against the White House. …

Mr. Abbott was 26 when he went out for a jog one day in Houston. A towering oak tree, its trunk cracked, crashed down as he ran past, striking the recent law graduate and crushing his spine.

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsThe freak accident left him hospitalized for months, and has since helped define Mr. Abbott’s life and political ascent: from Vanderbilt University-educated lawyer to state district judge, to his appointment by George W. Bush to the Texas Supreme Court in 1995, where he served before being elected attorney general three times. …

The lawsuits often find Texas at the helm of multistate efforts. Republican attorneys general joined forces as litigants, or by filing friend-of-the court briefs, just five times during the Clinton administration, according to a Marquette University study of partisan litigation by political scientist Paul Nolette. In the first seven years of the Obama administration, that number soared to 97.

A Handbook for Ranch Managers Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian ViewMost of the cases filed by Mr. Abbott and his Republican successor as attorney general,  Ken Paxton, have turned on a broad theme of federalism: that the Obama administration has encroached on Texas’ right to manage its own affairs. …

In February, Texas scored another major victory when the Supreme Court blocked the administration’s marquee climate policy, halting enforcement of rules limiting carbon emissions from existing power plants. …

Thus far, Mr. Abbott has won every election he’s run, including a 20-point victory in 2014 over Democratic state legislator Wendy Davis. …

When asked about his future political plans, Mr. Abbott said he’s learned to take things one political step—and lawsuit—at a time.

“You never know when a tree is going to fall on you,” he said.

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The Essence of Liberty: Volume III: A Universal Philosophy of Political Economy (Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic) (Volume 3)The Essence of Liberty Volume III: Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic. This is the volume that pulls it all together. With reference to Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s description of Murray Rothbard’s work, it is a “unique contribution to the rediscovery of property and property rights as the common foundation of both economics and political philosophy, and the systematic reconstruction and conceptual integration of modern, marginalist economics and natural-law political philosophy into a unified moral science: libertarianism.” Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

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