Emasculated West Primed For a Muscular, Muslim Takeover

Why western girls travel to join ISIS fighters.

Source: Emasculated West Primed For a Muscular, Muslim Takeover

“…the West’s priesthood—are in the four corners of the earth preaching hate for their own kind…

More so than girls do boys need strong men in their lives—men who affirm their masculinity. When a vulnerable Anglo-American boy hears preachers, parents, pedagogues and politicians pounding on about our country’s Founding Fathers as the archetypical pale, patriarchal oppressors—he quickly learns to reject his country’s heritage and look elsewhere for masculine inspiration, maybe even at Muhammad. After all, American boys, K through Twelve, are mired in an estrogen-infused, cloistered world, where strong men in authority are an endangered minority.

Religious or irreligious, the generic Western guy is instructed to ooze psychological correctness, but sublimate manliness. He never takes charge; he consults and cooperates. He’s not necessarily effeminate, but he’s safely androgynous (and he’s most certainly not guy-like in the Trumpian sense). As personalities go, this Generic Guy and his wife (oops, “life partner”) are indistinguishable.”

Illiana explains the role that radical feminism has played in the Marxixt Culture War. She explains why no male child should ever be taught anything by a woman.

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