Ole Miss Continues Its March Toward “Relevancy”

I wonder–how many of those that send their kids to Ole Miss that are from the South realize what is going on–and if they realized it would they be in agreement with it? And if they couldn’t agree with the hatchet job being done on their culture, would they consider putting their kids in some other school–if they could find another one that wasn’t doing the same thing? Years ago author William Lind wrote an article in which he called America’s colleges “little ivy-covered North Korea’s” He was right too.


by Al Benson Jr.

It seems that many of these colleges and universities in the South today don’t really feel “relevant” anymore, or maybe the proper term might be “politically correct” or more properly yet “culturally Marxist.” Somehow, it seems, their leadership and faculties must labor to convince  the cultural Marxists out there that they really, sincerely, want to play their game, but they have to do it in such a way that it will not alert those who still cherish Southern culture as to their true intent.

Therefore, they take the classical Fabian socialist approach that they might attain their intended destruction of Southern culture incrementally, all the while assuring those that might send their kids to be “educated” in their Ivory Towers that they really do treasure Southern culture and heritage, but, for the sake of being relevant in today’s changing world, they must work at soft-peddling that…

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1 Response to Ole Miss Continues Its March Toward “Relevancy”

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Ole Miss has completely lost their minds. They don’t want the state flag flying at their Univerity! The president of ole miss is a pantywaist saying it might offend someone. Well, if it offends them, then why are they even attending a Mississippi College? I am proud of my white heritage just like everyone else has the right to be. My great great grandfather was in the Civil War. He was a medic in the Civil War and saved many under that flag. Negro worship is completely out of control and look at the state our country is in. Look who’s been running the country for the last eight years. I am so sick of the negro worshipping news media too.


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