Black People: Don’t You Worry About ‘Bout a Thing. Kat Timpf Will Save You

“I do understand issues with criminal justice, particularly in the black community and police brutality,” she intoned.

The Essence of Liberty: Volume I: Liberty and History: The Rise and Fall of the Noble Experiment with Constitutionally Limited Government (Liberty and ... Limited Government) (Volume 1)Well, let’s see what the facts really reveal. — jtl, 419

By Colin Flaherty via American Thinker

Black people of America: Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. Because the new Fox News megastar Kat Timpf has got your back. And she told us so on the first episode of her new show, “The Fox News Specialists.”

The Essence of Liberty: Volume II: The Economics of Liberty (Volume 2)  “I do understand issues with criminal justice, particularly in the black community and police brutality,” she intoned.

Which is extremely convenient, because in April, dozens of cities around the country saw hundreds of examples of black mob violence. All wildly out of proportion. All without the benefit of Kat’s explanations.

The Essence of Liberty: Volume III: A Universal Philosophy of Political Economy (Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic) (Volume 3) So if anyone happens to see Kat during one of her frequent jaunts into Manhattan dance clubs, perhaps you could ask her to extend some of her understanding to these episodes of black mob violence from around the country — all during April, all on videos which you can find at this playlist: Kat’s Playlist of Black Mob Violence.

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other Misfits1. In South Orange, New Jersey, 300 black people rampaged through the downtown, creating violence, defying police, destroying property.

2. In Oakland, 60 black people rampaged through a BART train, creating violence, robbing, beating, and terrifying the few people left in that area who think it is OK to ride public transportation through Oakland.

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps Institute Cue Fruitvale Station, the official documentary of black victimization. Right, Kat?

3. In Virginia Beach, 40,000 black people rampaged through Black College Beach Weekend, leaving in their wake four people shot, one stabbed, two police officers assaulted, tons of property damage, the requisite amount of defiance against the police, and a town wondering what they can do to stop this annual onslaught of black mob violence and mayhem.

Combat Shooter's Handbook Today, locals debate whether this weekend was the worst ever, even worse than the black mob violence of Black College Beach Weekends in 2013 and 1989.

I vote the newest was the worst, but in 1989, black people killed a horse with a cinder block and even had their violence glorified in a famous rap song. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View4) In Davis, California, black people rampaged through what used to be the most mellow college town in America, attacking cops, students, residents whatever. Still waiting on reports of any violence against horses in this bucolic town.

Early reports indicate that the black mob violence was caused by white people riding bicycles.

A Handbook for Ranch Managers  Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual5) In Detroit, a large group of black people rampaged through a carnival, putting five cops in the hospital. But that is the kind of thing that happens in Kat’s home town when cops get a bit of pay back for all that police brutality they are constantly practicing, but which so few white people understand.

Except for Kat.

6) Down in Biloxi, tens of thousands of black people gathered for another version of black college beach weekend, this one also leaving tons of violence and mayhem and trash in its wake.  The town was so crowded that large groups of black people took their cars to a white neighborhood and set up barbecues and picnics on the lawns of total strangers.

Cops shrugged their shoulders at this large-scale lawlessness while residents said the large-scale black violence made them feel like “prisoners” in their own homes.

7) In Baltimore, the white residents of Federal Hill also say they are prisoners in their own homes because black students from a nearby black high school attack them and destroy their property, regularly and predictably.

Cops tell them to stay indoors.

8) In Beloit, Wisconsin, 20 black people surrounded a white handicapped student and beat him and stole his backpack. All on video. Just like all the other events listed in this article. None of which have made their way into any Fox news program where Kat and her understanding of black criminality and police brutality were there to enlighten us.

9) In Philadelphia, four high school teachers went to the hospital and ten were injured after a large group of black people attacked them. And oh yeah, that happens all the time there. But do not confuse this with the black people who attacked a white teacher in a Florida school about the same time. Or the large fight in a black school in Memphis where teachers know better than to try and stop it. Or the dozens and dozens of episodes of large-scale black violence in schools, all last month.

10) In Macon, Georgia, hundreds of black people rampaged and fought during a church service. Two cops wandered through the riot, though no one seemed to care.

11) Also down in Alabama, a large group of black people surrounded a couple of white kids on bikes. After the ritual taunting, threatening, harassment, and whatnot, they beat the hell out of them and stole their stuff.

Little help, Kat?

12) In Birmingham, black people rioted at a magnet school.

13) In Piscataway, New Jersey, the headline hides more than illuminates:  “Police Help Break-up Fights and Large Crowds at Middlesex Firemen’s Carnival.” The fights, large crowds and early closing were all about black people. And it was not the first time either.

Lots and lots more details of black violence and media denial at carnivals in that scintillating Amazon #1 Bestseller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

14) In Central Florida, 60 black people fought and rampaged through the Orange Park Mall. Not the first time at that mall, or hundreds of others throughout the country over the last several years.

15) In beautiful Las Vegas, police responding to a large group of black people fighting at a nightclub found three people stabbed and nobody saw nuttin’.

There are dozens of these kinds of “let out” fights at black clubs around the country every night.  Yes, every night. While you sleep. Ask a cop if you want the truth. Not a reporter.

16) In Syracuse, another large fight among another large group of black people in the daytime in downtown left three people with stab wounds, and everyone else there inflicted with a sudden case of amnesia.

17) In Des Moines, Iowa, a group of black people beat a white woman as they left a city bus. City official refuse to release a video of the violence, because like the riot at BART, they say using video to find the black criminals would impede their investigation.

This is the same town where hundreds of black people a few years ago rampaged through the Iowa State Fair, declaring it was “Beat Whitey Night.” That went on for three nights. Ditto for the Wisconsin state fair a few nights later.

If that is happening in Iowa and Wisconsin, what do you suppose Kat thinks is happening in the rest of the country?

18) At Trinity College in Connecticut, 20 black people invade a private formal party on campus. They rampaged through the event, beating students, breaking bones. The president of the fraternity, said like Kat, he understood the fellas, their problems, and why they should all sit down and have a chat and chew about it. And don’t worry, he said the white kids are not mad at their attackers.

19) In Anchorage, Alaska, 10 black people were fighting, shoplifting, and urinating inside a convenience store. When store employees kicked them out, they shot one employee two times.

20-24) All the school violence described above also happened in Kentucky, Granada, Baltimore, Campbell Park and tons of other places. All on video. In Philadelphia, the local media reported twice that black people are suspended out of proportion in schools and that was proof positive of white racism ruining so many black lives.

The only other explanation is that black people commit crime and violence out of proportion. But that would kind of mess with Kat’s police brutality thing, wouldn’t it? So mum’s the word.

25) In Philadelphia, a group of black people ransacked and beat the owners of a Chinese restaurant while laughing, always laughing.

26) In Norwood, Ohio, a large group of black people targeted white gay people for taunts, threats, vandalism, property destruction and of course violence, violence and more violence. Kat, does your superior understanding of criminal justice extend to the realm of black on gay violence, so well documented, so wildly out of proportion, and so widely ignored?

While you are at it, ditto for black on Asian, black on old, black on young, black straight, black on whatever. Why so out of proportion? Police brutality?

27) On a hiking and biking trail in downtown Philadelphia, a large group of black people on bicycles surrounded a female jogger, then taunted, threatened, harassed, and groped her. Oh yeah, that is called rape. My bad.

And that has been happening a long, long time there. But it seems to be equally easy to ignore as ever.

28) In Grand Rapids, a large group of black people were fighting and destroying property at a basketball game. Several panicked spectators dialed 911: See something, say something, right?

One caller said one of the black people had a gun. When cops rolled on the violence, they found the group of black people several blocks away and stopped them. Several days later, several black moms were quite upset that the police approached and searched their angels.

Not a word about the violence at the game.

30-31) In Melbourne, Florida, 1000 black people at a party created mayhem and defied police, before engaging in some gunplay with 80 rounds fired. In Melbourne, Australia, 10 black people attacked and robbed a white autistic child. (Oh, out of the country doesn’t count? My bad.)

32) Down in Baton Rouge at a church carnival, four people were shot and one pregnant woman was attacked during an episode of black mob violence.

A writer for the Los Angeles Times, echoing Kat’s sentiments about police brutality against black people, said being black was “exhausting.” I am starting to understand what she meant. Because this list of black mob violence — just for April — around the country is just beginning.

33) In Vallejo, California, more than 100 black people were partying down one minute, the next minute nine black people were shot.

34) Over in Hesperia, California, a large group of black people fought and destroyed property inside a Wal-Mart. Next.

35) In Detroit’s Greektown, a large group of black people jeered and beat a couple of white kids who made the mistake of not being fully aware of the black on white hostility that has now gone mainstream in several current TV programs and, of course, cable news talking heads’ shows on Fox – right, Kat?

36) At Brooklyn Bridge Park, black people with guns have been rampaging, robbing, beating and terrorizing dog walkers and ball players, mostly white. Coincidence, Kat? Or perhaps white people do it too? Can’t wait to hear your commentary about police brutality explaining that.

37) In downtown Rochester, New York, police had to use tasers and pepper spray to break up a riot of a few hundred black people. Business as usual.

38) In Atlanta, a case of large-scale black violence on the MARTA train left four people shot, one dead. Not for the first time.

39) In Springfield, Ohio, six black kids beat the hell out of a few white kids and no one was surprised.

This is a long list and we are only part way through it, with still no explanation from Kat. But as someone who hears gajillions of explanations about black violence so wildly out of proportion — including black on white rape, black on white murder, black on white home invasions and black on cop violence — I can tell you they all fall in three categories: 1) It’s not happening. 2) White people do it too; 3) White people deserve it.

Pick a number, Kat. Let’s finish in Philly:

40) Near Philadelphia, a large group of black people rampaging through a large suburban mall, found a few white kids and beat them silly.

Which should be right up the alley of America’s newest expert on the mountain of black violence and the denial, deceit, and delusion from so many reporters, including the newest one, Kat Timpf.

Colin Flaherty is the author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. You can find the videos for the episodes of black mob violence in April in this article at Kat Timpf’s Big List of Recent Black Mob Violence.



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