Why America is in perpetual war

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsPeople don’t start wars. Governments do. — jtl, 419

by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty

Humanity has been cannon fodder in concocted wars and revolutions for millennia. Anywhere you look it is still going on today.

The strategy for authoritarianism throughout the ages is to divide and conquer. Now listen! All “public forums” are presented as opposing sides, or opposing politics, or opposing theology or opposing morality.

What few of us ever discern is that the good guys and the bad guys are the same guys? The good politicians and the bad politicians are the same politicians. The good religion and the bad religion is the same religion.

“All the world is a stage.” — Shakespeare.

Combat Shooter's HandbookWhat I am writing here will challenge your mind and test your discernment.

Mass deception is always created by authoritarianism by dividing issues between two evils. It is the nature of man to choose sides in politics and in religion. Many millions have paid for this with their lives.

Not one in a million looks for the likeness or sameness of issues. We do not Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps Institutelook for the essential ingredient common to all politics and religion. We never hold the master key that would set us free above humanity. That essential ingredient does exist. That master key does exist; however, we never see it because we never suspect that it exists.

To find the essential ingredient and the master key to all politics and religion would be the end of tyranny in our world. Authoritarianism could no longer deceive us by dividing issues between the same evil.

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