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Classical Liberalism vs. Progressive Liberalism

When I tell friends (and mostly new acquaintances) that I am a “Liberal” they are usually shocked. I usually hear somebody mumble “get a rope.” So, I am quick to explain:  You see, I am a “classical” liberal (just like … Continue reading

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Wanted: Students to ride horses while reading the Great Books

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
 “Being given dominion over an irrational animal gives you a unique way to experience creation,” says Sheehan. When it comes to ways of leaving this life, I’m with Kenny Rogers and his…

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Give Susette Kelo Her Land Back

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
Here’s the rub. Thirteen years after the Kelo decision, after all the condemning and evicting and bulldozing, nothing has been built on the land that was taken. Basically, an entire neighborhood was…

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What Is America’s Cause in the World Today? By Patrick J. Buchanan

And when Vladimir Putin and Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko are standing up for traditional values against Western cultural elites, the East-West struggle has lost its moral clarity… Democracy crusading is out of style as the free elections we have demanded have … Continue reading

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Total Gun Confiscation Genie Can’t Be Put Back in Bottle

We have no interest in meeting you or any other useful idiot apparatchik so that you can incrementally infringe rights you have no claim to. We know the end game and we’re ceding no ground from which to launch the … Continue reading

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Wild horses: Are they being managed to extinction?

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
Please carefully research and consider what organizations you are supporting and what they are doing with your donation dollars. The very survival of our precious wild horses depends upon your love and…

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Clemency Decision Imminent For Oregon Ranchers Dwight & Steven Hammond?

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
This is very similar to the prosecution in the Bundy Ranch case who attempted multiple trials to convict ranchers and those who came to their aid against an armed federal army acting…

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Hey Grimes, what’s up dude?

Almost since day 1, it has been a tradition at FlyoverPress to republish “Hey Grimes” each Memorial Day. Gary Lynn Grimes was a pure and honorable man. His story is tragic but, more than that, it is representative of a … Continue reading

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New Heritage Foundation report highlights failures of Endangered Species Act

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
The meticulously researched Heritage report provides an overview of the sham that is the ESA. Bureaucrats at the FWS can spend a lucrative 30-year career overseeing the “recovery” of a grand total…

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The Crumbling Deep State Facade

You wonder, if Comrade Obama knew about all this (and I think he did) is it an impeachable offense? The head of Judicial Watch seems to think that  is a possibility. Would that be poetic justice or what? I still … Continue reading

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