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“Silent Sam” Going Back? Don’t Kid Yourself!

I hope I am wrong, but I have the sinking feeling that the folks in North Carolina, unless they really raise the roof over this, have seen the last of Silent Sam. Six months down the road, I’d love someone … Continue reading

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Media Justifies Ethnic Cleansing With Fake Stats About South African Farmers

Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:
The Washington Post’s claim that “whites own 72 percent of the 37 million hectares held by individuals” has to be placed within the context of the 93 million acres of arable agricultural land in South Africa…Even…

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Even President Trump Is Aware Of The Civil Unrest That Is Brewing, And He Just Warned That Violence Is Coming If Republicans Lose In November

This nation is becoming a cauldron of fury, and it isn’t going to take much to set off widespread chaos. This has not been a question of “if” but one of “when” for almost as long as I can remember. … Continue reading

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Child of the State, Man of War

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A better way to understand John McCain is to see him for what he really was and what he never escaped, although in his wistful moments one wonders if he dreamed of…

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NPR: Over 66 Percent of Claimed Shootings Never Happened

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Does this surprise anybody? — jtl, 419 NPR examined a U.S. Education Department study and discovered that over 66 percent of reported school shootings for 2015-2016 school year never occurred.The Education Department…

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Censorship And The Decline Of Civilization

When those preferences become the paramount elements of life, then censorship is a minor concern. Grasping the essence of the 1st Amendment and free speech requires a different level of mind. It requires defending free speech for those one doesn’t … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Ignore the “Militia” Clause of the Second Amendmentby

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Just about the best you can do is join a gun club-and be sure it is one that hosts a competitive 3-gun (rifle, pistol and shotgun) match at least once per month.…

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What the McCain Eulogies Tell Us

Damned guy wrecked 3 airplanes before he even got to Vietnam. — jtl, 419 By Tom Woods of the Tom Woods Show via Shop all books by Tom Woods People tell me I should not criticize him right now. … Continue reading

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Legal Battle on 2015 WOTUS Rule Rages on in Multiple Federal Courts

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What a convoluted mess!! — jtl, 419 BY Todd Neeley   From KTIC Radio OMAHA  — A federal court has been asked to stay a nationwide injunction that effectively makes the 2015 waters…

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Orwell Writ Large

Make no mistake, if the Deep State/Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission manages to thwart the president’s agenda, either through direct overthrow or through compromising his program in some way, we will not stand a chance within the lifetimes of our … Continue reading

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