Do American Females Understand What Freedom Is Or Want It?

Females often shout about gaining power and influence in society.  That is because they have forgotten the power that was granted to them as mothers.  They have been fooled into thinking that fighting against what is good and wholesome is a way to be powerful as women.

Radical Feminism is just another cog in the wheel of destruction of Western Civilization. Our destroyers know full well that the traditional family unit has the greatest psychological impact on the individual’s development. They do not care about empowering women. They care about destroying families. — jtl, 419

Ron Edwards via News With Views

Since I began hearing and understanding American females, the subject they most often discussed has been their rights.  When I began studying the United States Constitution it was easy to understand it was for all people.  In our republic turned mob rule democracy, females and other special interest groups seemingly enjoy more liberties than real men could ever dream of.  Over time I grew suspicious of the real reasons for the unending bashing of men, while demanding more so-called freedoms.  It reminds me of how many leftists oriented black Americans carry on the same way.  They constantly complain to high heaven about racists behind every doorknob and how they are victims.  Yet they rarely, if ever support policies or principles that would liberate them in every way. Because they cannot accept personal responsibility for their actions and lives.

Many women, blacks and other special interest groups have been indoctrinated into rejecting a high moral character and intellectual development.  Thus, they end up being useful idiots in the Saul Alynski inspired mission to literally destroy America the beautiful from within.  During the 2019 State of the Union Address most of the leftist democrat House members were dressed in white.  After a bit of research I happened upon a picture of a group called the League of Nazi Socialist women who supported Hitler’s dream of a socialist paradise.  They always went to public events dressed in white.   If one takes an honest look at most of the female democrat party office holders it is easy to pinpoint how adrift they are from hopeful optimism.

Unfortunately, the democrats are overtaken by the overbearing negative aspects of doom, gloom, despair, death and destruction.  To them the death of unborn and born babies is better than God’s unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Rather than finding solutions to problems such as poverty, ignorance, immorality, socialism, communism and even slavery, democrats promote and fight to bring about more of the same and then call it solutions.  The females in white represent the opposition to the blessings of true motherhood.  Thanks, but no thanks to constant indoctrination in government schools, leftist leaning churches and elsewhere, many commissioned to rock the cradle and guide their children in the way that they should go have succumbed to the power of death instead of life.

Females often shout about gaining power and influence in society.  That is because they have forgotten the power that was granted to them as mothers.  They have been fooled into thinking that fighting against what is good and wholesome is a way to be powerful as women.

The bitterness, hatred, sexual and racial bigotry the women say they are against is exactly what they have become and proudly represent.  Some do this through ignorance, but many others are now fully aware and agree with the evil mission of Margaret Sanger and Democrats in general who support slavery and other forms of societal distress.   If Democrats today did not support slavery, they would not fight to flood our republic via schools and open borders with those who live by the code of sharia law and slavery.  But despite the evil mission of the females in white and their democrat allies of evil, do not despair my fellow Americans.  For there is arising a united generation those who will through Providential guidance overcome the mission of political and moral darkness being plotted against our America.

As more and more sovereign citizens refuse to accept the Democrats death wish against the United States, significant positive changes will soon begin the manifest.  No longer will we allow those working to destroy our republic from within to have control over the language.  For the power of Life and death are in the tongue.  The “We the People” must speak life over America and her children.  Students must be properly taught about American history and no longer indoctrinated against her.  Both parents and the church must teach and insist upon a higher moral standard.  It was said long ago, if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.  It must be understood that our rights come from God, not government and special interest mobs who seek to sacrifice your rights on the alter of mobocracy.  OK females, you complain to high heaven about the mistakes of men.  You are recognized by society as being smarter than men and the center of the family.  You raise most of America’s children. The more your influence over the young has increased, the worse our republic turned mob ruled democracy has become.

Ladies, rather than attack me for stating the obvious, how about taking stock of the situation and striving to be an integral part of restoring our republic.  What is taught to one generation dictates the direction it takes in the next.  Freedom and Liberty cannot be maintained without it being taught.  Hopefully more American females understand what freedom really is.

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    Radical Feminism is just another cog in the wheel of destruction of Western Civilization. Our destroyers know full well that the traditional family unit has the greatest psychological impact on the individual’s development. They do not care about empowering women. They care about destroying families. — jtl, 419


  2. Kim Karnes says:

    Excellent article on how the whining Women led each other astray as they follow the Hate. Useful Idiots for Alinsky !!!


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