The Sleeping Giant in Virginia, Kentucky–and now Texas–Part 5

Just a bit of an update on what is going on in Texas with the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

Actually, I live in one of the most sparsely populated areas in Texas (and maybe even the world). We have local politicians here who are really republicrats but run as demopublicans simply because they can not possibly get elected if they run as republicans.

The determining factor is the Hispanic population, a very large portion of which are democrats. The county commissioners court is mostly Hispanic. In fact, recently the Sheriff attempted to get the commissioner’s approval for a Sanctuary 2nd Amendment County and was voted down by the Hispanic element on the board. — jtl, 419


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement continues to grow. It is interesting in that it is a little different due to conditions in each state that it flourishes in.

In Virginia you now have a leftist governor and state legislature, no doubt to the influence and money of Michael Bloomberg. In Kentucky you have a new Democratic governor but the legislature is not necessarily in his corner and though there are Democrats waiting in the wings there with a whole raft of new gun control bills there is no guarantee that they will automatically get all they want. In fact, we can fervently pray that they get none of what they want.

Then there is Texas, “the lone star State of Texas” one of our favorite spots in the country. Guns have pretty much been a way of life…

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1 Response to The Sleeping Giant in Virginia, Kentucky–and now Texas–Part 5

  1. Dr. Jimmy,
    I am not surprised that the Hispanic folks there voted down the sheriff’s request. Still, seeing the sheriff is the highest elected official in the county is there any chance he could deputize a militia group if he felt the need, provided he could come up with some sort of decent training for them?


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