The Essence of Liberty, Vol I: Chapter 18, Clinton

Condensed Version of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Regnery Publishing, Inc. 270 p. 

Compiled and Edited by 

Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume 

Chapter 18: Clinton 

Bill Clinton was only the second president in history to be impeached. The charges against him revolved around false statements he made under oath with regard to an amorous relationship he had with a White House intern.

The Clinton years proved to be a missed opportunity for Republicans. To dwell upon the president’s character left the impression that his policies were not so objectionable. Republicans had a golden opportunity to make the case for limited government but they didn’t.

Clinton, a “centrist?”

Government continued to expand under Clinton. There were counterproductive expansions of government power in agricultural, housing and environmental policy. There were the massacres of innocents by federal law enforcement at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas. There was the AmeriCorps boondoggle.

Consider Clinton’s position on affirmative action. He spoke the language of moderation so as not to alienate middle-class whites. But nothing changed.

In 1996 California voters passed Proposition 209 outlawing affirmative action quotas by state and local governments. Clinton’s Justice Department presented the absurd argument that this violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment declared that all Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the laws. It was now being used to justify special treatment for certain protected groups.

“Only unqualified applicants may apply”

In 1995, the Pentagon declared that “special permission will be required for the promotion of all white men without disabilities.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s “Equal Employment Opportunity Handbook” advised that requirements such as “knowledge of rules of grammar” and “ability to spell accurately” should be de-emphasized as they made it difficult to attract “underrepresented groups of individuals with disabilities” for secretarial and clerical positions.

The uS Forest Service case was the most absurd. They had been criticized for not having enough female fire fighters. The job announcement literally said, “Only unqualified applicants may apply.” A subsequent announcement read: “Only applicants who do not meet (job requirement) standards will be considered.” So, the positions were left vacant for the lack of unqualified applicants.

CNN foreign policy

Bill Clinton received a free pass on foreign policy. Yet, his most misleading and greatest damage was done in that area. Essentially, his foreign policy was driven by TV news coverage and political polling. He dispatched the uS military 44 times. It had been deployed outside uS borders only 8 times in the previous 45 years. The role of the soldier changed from homeland defender to nomadic peacekeeper.

Mogadishu: “snatch and grab”

The military was already in Somalia on a humanitarian mission when Clinton took office. He broadened that mission to include nation-building and the pursuit of warlords.

General Montgomery requested additional tanks, fighting vehicles and gun ships but was denied. A month later, the president sent a group of Army Rangers to capture members of the Somali National Alliance. The mission was a disaster. The Rangers were trapped in a 13 hour firefight. The rescue force had to borrow Pakistani tanks and Malaysian armored personnel carriers. Eighteen Americans died and 88 were wounded.

Balkan Misadventures: How Clinton abused power, abetted Islamists, lied, and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars for nothing

The Balkans were of no strategic interest to the uS. In 1995, the Dayton peace accords created an uneasy, unstable, and unenforceable peace in the area. The result has been an occasional eruption of civil war and a permanent American military presence in the region.

Clinton fanned Islamic extremism by siding with the Muslims against the Serbs and going so far as to import mujahedin (radical Islamist jihadists) from the Middle East. He also orchestrated a bombing campaign against Serbia without the consent of Congress—the House of Representatives actually voted against it. He was the first president in history to ever wage war in the face of direct congressional opposition.

A massive propaganda campaign had to be whipped up to support this unconstitutional war. As a part of that, the uS Information Agency suggested that as many as 400,000 Muslims had been massacred by the Serbs. The fact is that a Spanish forensic surgeon reported that they “did not find one—not one—mass grave” adding that the final figure of dead will be 2,500 at most.

What did this intervention accomplish” The Balkans still seethe with violence and hatred. Radical Islam has been given a boost. Troops were deployed and billions of dollars wasted. And no lasting good has yet been achieved.

Did Clinton bomb to distract attention from his scandals?

Clinton personally ordered the bombing of the El Shifa Pharmaceutical Company in Sudan in 1998. Allegedly the plan manufactured chemicals used for nerve gas and was funded by Osama bin Laden.

Subsequently, all of this was shown to be false. The plant produced medicines and veterinary products and had no direct connection with bin Laden. Clinton mysteriously refused to provide the soil sample that was supposed to have been collected outside the plant that contained traces of illicit chemicals. He even opposed an on-site inspection. The British engineer who had been the technical manager of the plant’s construction, stated that the plant was not large enough for the kind of production alleged.

Although only one person was killed in the bombing, many more died because the impoverished country lost its main source of medicines and pesticides. Of course, bin Laden was delighted with the opportunity to paint America as arbitrary and lawless in its treatment of Muslims.

In fact, the bombing made so little sense that it provoked suspicion. Was it a coincidence that it occurred the day Lewinsky returned to the grand jury and the same week that Clinton’s non-apologetic apology for lying had gone over so badly with the people? The need to ask such questions speaks to Clinton’s character.

“The era of big government is over”—say what?

Clinton made that remark while presiding over a government so massive that the Framers would have fainted at the sight of it. Let’s take a quick look:

The Federal Register (which lists all federal regulations, is now between 60,000 and 80,000 pages.

Medicare and Social Security programs promises of benefits will prove to be under-funded by tens of trillions of dollars. The level of taxation (or inflation) necessary to fund them will grind the economy to a complete standstill.

Meanwhile, federal courts continue to routinely violate the self-government of the states. Throughout the 1990s, voters approved a plethora of state ballot initiatives only to have imperial federal judges strike them down. So much for the principles upon which the War for Independence was fought.

The Framers sought to avoid precisely this—a federal government with unlimited, uncontested power of its own that could (and would) strike down constitutional state laws that it happened not to like.

Sadly, Americans do not know enough of their own history to even realize there is a problem—much less know enough to challenge any of it.


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